Everybody should have heard of rife food in the life, so do you understand cake of violet potato yam? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all cake of violet potato yam contains nutrient value, and the advantage that takes cake of violet potato yam?

Cake of violet potato yam contains nutrient value

Rich protein is contained in violet potato, 18 kinds easy the amino acid that be digested by human body and absorbs, a variety of 10 crude mineral elements such as 8 kinds of vitamins such as vitamin C, B, A and phosphor, iron. Among them iron and selenium content are rich. Below, let mom net introduce the effect of violet potato and action in detail for you.

Take the advantage of cake of violet potato yam

1, prevent cancer to fight cancer. Violet potato contains a lot ofselenium and iron is human body fights exhaustion, fight the anile, essential element that enrich the blood, especially selenium is called " the king that fight cancer " , easy be absorbed by human body, can stay in serum, repair cardiac muscle, enhance airframe immunity power, the freedom inside cleared body base, the dissension of the synthesis of the DNA in restraining cancer cell and cancer cell and grow, prevent the happening of the carninomatosis such as cancer of the stomach, liver cancer.

2, stimulative stomach bowel wriggles. Violet potato contains a lot ofcellulose, can increase volume of excrement and urine, stimulative intestines and stomach wriggles, clear what stop inside alvine antrum is mucous, accumulate gas and putrefaction, the toxic substance in eduction excrement and urine and carcinogen, carry have a bowel movement expedite, improve enteron environment, prevent the happening of disease of gastric bowel path.

3, be helpful for reducing weight thin body. Eat violet potato not only won't get fat, can reduce weight instead, strong and handsome, prevent inferior healthy, aperient platoon is poisonous. Violet potato of delicacy of every 100 grams contains 0.2 grams only adipose, produce 99 kilocalorie heat energy, it is rice 1/3 probably, it is food of very good low adipose, low heat energy, prevent carbohydrate effectively to turn into again at the same time adipose, be helpful for reducing weight, strong and handsome.

4, enhance immune power. Violet potato contains many mucus protein, can prevent liver and atrophy of nephritic connective tissue, enhance airframe immunity power, precautionary collagen disease happens. The place in violet potato is contained mineral to maintain and adjusting human body function, having very main effect. Contains calcium and magnesium, can prevent an osteoporosis.


Eat violet potato to want what to notice

The note that when eating violet potato, can exist is more, above all to violet potato, because amid contains oxidation enzymatic, produce gas easily, eat much the circumstance of can abdominal distension, hiccup arises. Content of violet potato sugar is high at the same time, eat much can stimulate hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to be secreted in great quantities, make the person feels heartburn, healthy to intestines and stomach impact is bigger, think plus the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine pleasant of violet potato flavour, sex is smooth, enter classics of lienal, stomach, lung. Dyspepsia of wet block taste, stagnation of the circulation of vital energy person should eat violet potato to just go carefully, and we still should avoid to go sheet eats violet potato, the food of should tie-in high grade albumen eats together, nutrition is more comprehensive. And when we eat violet potato must when squashy eat again, because amylaceous bead is not destroyed via high temperature,digest hard. The no-no ability that collocation must notice when eating violet potato nevertheless goes, above all we cannot be fed together with tomato, many acid is contained in tomato, stodgy material can be formed in the stomach with violet potato, bring about bellyacke, diarrhoea and dyspeptic circumstance generation extremely easily, and violet potato avoid and persimmon are fed together, not only affect what nurture pledges to absorb, in order to form stone, easy cause gastrorrhagia. When eating violet potato, noticed even, unfavorable to the person of violet potato allergy edible. Violet potato becomes allergen likely also, if be al

lergic to violet potato word, edible violet potato causes the skin possibly red, regular diarrhoea, dyspeptic, have a headache, the hypersensitive shape such as guttural ache, asthma, if we are easy allergic, do not suit to eat violet potato so.

Eat yam to have what attention

1, eat unripe yam

Unripe yam contains the toxin of certain amount, cause very easily toxic, so everybody should be careful.

What does the contraindication that eats yam have to eat the note of yam to take the advantage of yam

2, excessive edible

Yam itself is gentle, but contain estrogen, it is OK to be used up too much stimulation is hormonal, the woman can cause proliferation of the film inside the uterus, cause abdominal pain of physiology period dysmenorrhoea.

3, allergic person prohibits edible

In yam skin mucous contain alkaloid. Meet a few people bring about Sao to itch allergy and systemic Sao itch.

4, yam cannot be used together with fundamental medicaments

Yam contains amylase. When yam and basic medicines are operable, basic medicines can make the amylase in yam invalid, reduce the nutrient value of yam, also can affect the absorption of medical effect.

5, yam and pork liver cannot eat together

Yam contains a lot ofvitamin C, the metallic microelement such as copper, iron, zinc is contained in pork liver, vitamin C oxidizes quickly in metallic ion and destroy, reduce nutrient value, because this eats,should not be after pork liver edible yam.