Coke chicken wing is a kind of food that a lot of people like to eat particularly, its practice is held out actually simple, needs data is not much also, so ourselves makes coke chicken wing in the home when, need not to need to add water?

Do coke chicken wing to want to add water

Making coke chicken wing do not need to turn on the water commonly, go in coke directly it is OK to boil.

Finally, want to remind everybody, cooking method is particularly important also. Data shows, the energy of flesh of wing of chicken of 100 grams deepfry achieves 279 kilocalorie, more than original gallinaceous wing flesh near 100 kilocalorie. Accordingly, wing eating chicken had better be cooked with stew, steamed method, the cook method of braise in soy sauce is OK also now and then eat, but should take deepfry chicken wing less as far as possible.

How does coke chicken wing bloat tasty

Want to make delicious and delicate coke chicken wing, should give flavour of gallinaceous wing mix up ability travel above all. Bloating be soiled when good with respect to need control method just goes, those who bloat is good eat, gallinaceous wing enough tasty, these flavour influences to coke chicken wing are very big, bloating gallinaceous wing when, be to need amid to put all sorts of condiment such as anise, ginger, green, cooking wine below the circumstance normally, these dressing can help tasty of coke chicken wing.

Bloat of gallinaceous wing bloat makings need is smooth, such ability let bloat quite the flavour of composition of avery kind of in makings becomes more even. Put gallinaceous wing into smooth condiment, as far as possible bloat makings in gallinaceous wing apparently daub is even, a little emphatic undertakes rub is kneaded also is possible, need repeats daub even a few, can let coke chicken wing so more tasty.

The practice of coke chicken wing

Raw material: Coke, gallinaceous wing, anise, ginger, green, cooking wine.

Make a way:

1, gallinaceous wing is abluent, abluent Jiang Cong.

2, fish out of the boil in putting gallinaceous wing and green ginger water, drop does water share.

3, a few oil is put to burn heat inside boiler, put gallinaceous wing.

4, decoct fizzles out to extensive of cortical two sides.

5, had done not have gallinaceous wing into coke.

6, join soy, aniseed, green paragraph, Jiang Pian, small fire turns after big baked wheaten cake leaves.

7, stew to Shang Zhinong stiff can.

8, delicate coke chicken wing gives boiler, you also had learned most propbably.

How does gallinaceous wing choose

1, the cortical colour and lustre of fresh chicken wing shines in vain or show cream-colored, and be full of burnish, content remain wool reachs Mao Gen, the flesh is full of flexibility character, have a kind of special chicken little taste.

2, the gallinaceous wing that when buying, had better choose to send Huang Fagan, colour and lustre is incarnadine shine, did not break spirit, the surface does not buy the gallinaceous wing with bright and hoar, too much moisture without gore; , this chicken wing has immersed with caustic soda water, gallinaceous wing absorbed a large number of moisture, weightening finish 20% the left and right sides, appear some fatter. Caustic soda still can blanch the melanin of gallinaceous wing surface, make gallinaceous wing looks cleaner, and not easy metamorphism. But caustic soda has strong caustic, forbidden use in food.

3, one of elements that the price also is stand or fall of judgement chicken wing, at present the cost price in gallinaceous wing is in 33.3 yuan / kilogram, the price and this comparatives or lower, want vigilance, petty gain does not have good money. Of course, more importan

t is to watch sale channel. The business with best normal choice exceeds customer and sell, best choice is bought take the gallinaceous wing that pack, track in order to go to the lavatory trace to the source.

4, burning hot summer, the gallinaceous wing that cold storage does not reach the designated position is incidental cankered phenomenon. Personage of qualitative inspect major warns customer, gallinaceous wing decay can send out give a stink, the flesh pledges color can become shallow, show weak white. If be deposited in the home if gallinaceous wing has afore-mentioned cases, the proposal does not want edible.