Bai Chaji is a kind of commonner tea in real life, it basically is produced from Fujian that one, the boiled water color that white tea bubble comes out is very relaxed also, is so white tea general how is bubble better drink?

White tea how bubble is good drink

Law of 1. lid bowl -- suit 2 people to drink, investment of white tea of vessel of blessing extraction 3g builds a bowl, with 90 degrees boiled water washs tea Wenrun Wen Xiang, resemble law of kongfu tea bubble next, the first bubble 30, 45 seconds, decrease successively every time later, can taste the pure and fresh mouthfeel of Fu Dingbai tea so.

Law of 2. big pot -- compotation of body of comfortable be gregarious and long drinkable, take 10, in crock of bottles of investment of 15g white tea is large porcelain, with 90, 100 degrees of boiled water develop bubble directly, drink store water, white tea service has be able to bear or endure bubble, lay aside for long, mouthfeel still the characteristic with quietly elegant sweet alcohol, but from drink evening early, suit domestic summer disappear heat uses tea.

Law of 3. crock bubble -- fit 35 people elegant get together, big abdomen is violet arenaceous crock tea service optimal or high capacity is elegant cup, take 5, tea throws 6g Fu Dingbai among them, with about 90 degrees boiled water washs tea Wenrun Wen Xiang, drink can be tasted after 45 seconds, the characteristic is fine long hair sweet full-bodied.

Law of 4. cup bubble -- comfortable syncretic person alone drink, with cup bubble law, with 200ml transparent glass, take 3, 5g uses about 90 degrees of boiled water, wash Wen Xiang of tea lukewarm embellish first, reoccupy boiled water pours bubble white tea directly, develop bubble time to master according to individual mouthfeel freedom.

Law of the 5. drink that boil -- suit sanitarian utility, throw 10g with clear water old 3 years of above are age Laobai tea, boil give boiled water to concentrated juice filter to 3 minutes, wait for cool 70 degrees add chunk rock candy or honey is used by hot drink, commonly used refuse to obey at treating voice agnail allay a fever to treat natural environment, mouthfeel is full-bodied and peculiar. After Tian Bing presses down Yi Youxia drinkable do not have local color one time.

White tea has what sort

The level that white tea plucks because of bright leaf of tea tree breed, raw material is different cent is young tea leaves (Bai Hao is silver-colored needle) with foliaceous tea (like white peony, new technology) of white tea, Shou Mei. Main breed has white tea silver-colored needle of white peony, white fine long hair, Gong Mei, Shou Mei.

One, silver-colored needle of white fine long hair

Silver-colored needle of abbreviation of silver-colored needle of white fine long hair calls Bai Hao Yinjibai again fine long hair is thick by, lubricious Bai Ruyin, appearance is like a needle and its aroma is pure and fresh Shang Se Xian Shuang of Dan Huangzi flavour is white. Because bright leaf raw material collects the fertilizer of proud white tea tree entirely,tea of its finished product grows bud 3 centimeters make whole tea bud be flashed make a person by silver-coated Yi Yi for Fu of white fine long hair find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind. Alcohol of little taste of Qing Dynasty of the aroma after strong bubble and chaliced landscape also make favor interesting be overflowing with.

2, new white tea

New white tea is to press white tea to machine craft to be joined after decline wither knead gently make. New white tea asks to be the same as white peony to Xian Xie's raw material same, use commonly " tea of Fu Ding become known " , " tea of Fu Ding great a unit of weight " the bud-leaf of tea tree breed is machined and become, raw material is tender degree of requirement is relatively inferior. Its make craft be kneaded wither, gently for decline, dry, choose get rid of, sift out, make caboodle, bake, case. Xie Zhang of appearance of new white tea shrinks somewhat to fold, show half a form, colour and lustre is dark green ribbon brown, sweet clear smell is thick, soup lubricious flavour is like green tea but without faint scent, be like black tea not to have ferment feeling however, thick mellow clear pleasant is its characteristic.

3, white peony

White peony why coronal this decorous fragrant name, because its greenery places flower of be similar in shape of heart of silvery white fine long hair,be actually, the greenery after strong bubble is holding bud of tender bud just like in the palm put first, reason gets good name. The leaf of one bud just a little that white peony is the smallish bud-leaf new tip that extracts proud white tea tree or asphodel to plant is made, the excellent beautiful that is Bai Chazhong is tasted.

4, Shou Mei

Shou Mei is to use collect from area of tea of dish tea Fujian, the short gemmule of the another namer breed to general bush tea tree piece with become known tea piece the white tea that the leaf makes.

The effect of white tea

1, Bai Chaneng promotes blood sugar to balance

Bai Chazhong is become besides the nutrition that contains other tea solid to have especially, the active that still contains human body place to need is enzymatic, long-term and drinkable Bai Chake with raising enzymatic active of the fat inside body significantly, promote adipose catabolism, effective control insulin secretes an amount, the bowel that defers grape pink is absorbed, decompose the sugar with the surplus blood inside body to divide, stimulative blood sugar is balanced. Bai Chahan abounds a variety of amino acid, its sex is cold cool, have the meritorious service of detoxify of antifebrile dispel heat.

2, protect liver to protect liver

White tea piece natural material can protect the yellow ketone such as the element of 2 hydrogen arbutus that contain a lot ofhepatic, quicken aldehyde of alcohol metabolization child to be decomposed quickly, become avirulent matter, reduce the harm of pair of liver cells. On the other hand, the enzymatic vigor of dehydrogenation of serum lactic acid that element of 2 hydrogen arbutus can improve liver cell injury to cause increases, restrain fibrous of collagen of cell of liver sex M to form, rise to protect liver to protect the action of liver thereby, reduce the alcohol loss to liver substantially, make hepatic whack gets quickly resumptive. In the meantime, the effect since element of 2 hydrogen arbutus is rapid, and effect is lasting, it is to protect liver to protect liver, the fine of the sober up that see alcoholic drink is tasted.

How white tea and green tea are divisional

Feature of 1. white tea: All over the body of white soup white leaf, Bai Hao, Shang Se is shallow weak.

White tea, just as its name implies, this kind of tea is white, popularly area does not see more. White tea production already had the history that controls 200 years, the earliest be initiate of You Fuding county. This county has the tea tree of a kind of admirable breed- - tea of blessing vessel become known, full white fluff wraps around on tea bud-leaf, it is the superior raw material that makes tea, use this kind of tea at first piece production gives white tea. Dark brown why be white? Because people plucked delicate, leaf carries the bud-leaf of much whiter fluff on the back,this is, do not fry when treatment do not knead, insolation or with slow fire drying, make white fluff is in the thoroughly reservation of tea comes down, this is the reason that it shows white.

Feature of 2. green tea: Clear soup greenery.

Green tea, say not to ferment again tea. It is raw material with new tip of appropriate tea tree, via killing blueness, knead twist, dry the tea that waits for typical process to be made. Its do copy of tea colour and lustre and the tea soup after developing bubble, page to give priority to tone with green, frien

d name. Green tea is more reserved the natural substance inside Xian Xie. Among them the 85% above that theine of tea much phenol withholds Xian Xie, chlorophyll is withheld 50% the left and right sides, vitamin loss is less also, formed green tea thereby " clear soup greenery, flavor is astringent strong " characteristic.