Leather egg is a thing that the Chinese invents, a lot of people cannot accept its flavour, so guttural ache can eat leather egg, throat is fond of the advantage of egg taking a skin what to have, will look below.

Does throat ache can you eat leather egg?

Sore throat can eat leather egg, want to eat less nevertheless. Laborious of leather egg flavour, acerbity, pleasant, salty, sex is cold, ; of the classics that enter a stomach has wet one's whistle, go hot, sober up, go the effect; such as t

he fire, dysentery that treat have diarrhoea is like large intestine add vinegar to mix feed, ; of the can clear hot diminish inflammation, repose that raise a heart, nourishing fitness is used at treating periodontosis, aphtha, pharynx to work thirsty etc. Leather egg relatively duck's egg contains more mineral, adipose have a bit however with total quantity of heat drop, it can stimulate peptic, stomachic, the assimilation of stimulative nutrition is absorbed, counteract hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, cool and refreshing, step-down. Have embellish lung, raise shade hemostatic, cool bowel, stop the effect of have diarrhoea, step-down. In addition, preserved egg still has the effect that protects blood vessel. Still have at the same time raise intelligence quotient, protect the function of cerebrum. Leather egg although nutrition is rich, flavour is delicious, but its are alkalescent too big, reason is unfavorable eat more. ?

Throat is fond of the advantage of egg taking a skin

1, heat of clear hot need?

Leather egg sex is cold, flavour pleasant, acerbity, sober up of heat having have diarrhoea, go large intestine igneous effect, as OK as edible of acetic cold and dressed with sauce hypertension of clear hot diminish inflammation, prevention and cure, alleviate thirsty pharynx is dry etc. ?

2, appetitive?

Use duck's egg souse and leather egg is become, mineral content is rich, adipose drop somewhat however with total quantity of heat, edible skin egg can stimulate peptic, increase appetite and stimulative alimentation.

Throat aches how to eat leather egg

1, preparation feeds capable person: Rice, on the west the; such as egg of orchid, skin, green, ginger?

2, rice is abluent, immerse 30 minutes; ?

3, clear water boil, put immersing rice, again boil, does instead small fire boil 8 hours slow?

4, the time that uses Bao congee, on the west orchid is abluent had cut, does leather egg, green, ginger cut good; ?

5, the congee that has boiled, put silk of leather egg bead, ginger, very light blue, infusion 5 minutes of; ?

6, join abluent on the west orchid, does instead medium baking temperature roll; 3 minutes?

7, involve fire, put agitate of end of leaf of salt, green all can.

Leather egg is put long be met bad

Leather egg will be bad. Usually, leather egg is put long perhaps save undeserved, can bring about leather egg metamorphism easily. After leather egg is degenerative, can cause a bacterium easily, can peculiar smell arises, put oneself in another's position of difference of flexibility of degenerative skin egg, egg is weak.