Beautiful book man pats children pornography photograph to be sentenced 199 years to imprison in Mexico

Will report on May 14 according to Afp, mexican government says 13 days, an American book man is in the incite sb to do sth of the mother that gets a minor girl, film to its children pornography photograph is released abroad website, for this he is sentenced 199 years to imprison, in addition still be fined 96 thousand dollar (add up to a RMB about 595 thousand yuan of) .

Mexican inquisitor office expresses, this man is in Mexico western the graceful Sa Buddhist n

un of division Lima city makes an appointment with city to be arrested, but the full

name that the government did not reveal this man and suffer injury are minor the girl’s age.

According to the report, the mother of this girl also is sentenced guilty, because she permits this man,for her the daughter that resents 18 years old films pornographic photograph.

The report still says, severity of special inquisitor office hits Mexico to traffic an activity in the light of the female’s crime and population, and the children pornography material that makes in the Mexico that more than 4000 pages already recorded in 5 years in the past.


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