Mu Erxi of the president before Egypt is sentenced because of escape from prison capital punishment

Muerxi of the president before Egypt Caire criminal court is oppos

ite 16 days makes death sentence, the reason is its were participated in happen in the incident of an escape from prison at the beginning of 2011. Was sentenced together that day of capital punishment still include many Moslem frat (solemn elder brother is met) leader, they are accused in January 2011 Egypt erupts to escape from prison is carried out when mass protest activity and be raided alarm.

The Muerxi that comes from solemn elder brother to meet was elected 2012 for Egypt chief civilian elects a president, after be in office one

year, protest to remove in demonstrate by the army in large-scale people post, subsequently Mu Erxi is arrested because of be suspected of incendiary force waiting, face multinomial judicatory accusation.


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