Aobama prohibits the U.S. Army makes over the for military use such as pedrail panzer to equip to police

The White House of electric United States will announce Washington of China News Service 18 days local time on May 18, presidential Aobama decides to prohibit the army makes over firearms of emitter of crawler panzer, shrapnel, large requirements and ammo to wait for equipment of partial for military use to each district police, meaning absorbing Ferguson the lesson of the case, weigh the accredit of police of model United States and people.

The White House said that day, install what comprise with judiciary entirely to crossed sectional group to finished a federal department recently by the department of defense, land to execute the law the branch transfers what for military use equips to investigate a report, the report thinks that he must strengthen equipment move to ask duty make, raise diaphaneity, serve a place to execute the law better the need of branch and community, promotional alarm civilian accredit.

The department of defense begins 1033 projects from 1991, transfer equipment of su

perfluous for military use to police, blow of help each district peddles poison and terror. According to the report, since 2006 the Pentagon pass on overbalance the equipment of 4 billion dollar, include armor car, firearms and night to inspect equipment to wait. How do American judiciary and land also have similar hand entirely the project that police gets for military use to equip.

The White House said that day, the basis steps sectional group newest examine a result, aobama already indicated departmental entrance guard to stop to federal and city one class executes the law the branch makes over firearms of emitter of crawler panzer, shrapnel, bayonet, large requirements to wait for for military use to equip. In addition, federal and city one class executes the law the branch acquires vehicle of round of type panzer, tactics in application, more rigid standard must be accorded with when preventing cruel equipment and special weapon and ammo, be like relevant make over the license that must obtain parliament of city, county or mayor, offer strong execute the law the purpose explains a specification, strengthen alarm Wu grooms, strengthen execute the law in the process track a record to wait.

American police equipment is excessive militarization problem made discussion central point last year, african descendants youth strides Keerbulang to not in st. louis city case dark area meets with after shoot dead of white man police, local police employs rubber bullet, tear bomb and panzer to answer remonstrant activity, aim firearms of for military use even demonstrate crowd, occasion bear is bigger than the war, the outside thinks police is excessive generally reaction become acute tight situation.

Although constabulary equipment

militarization is put in controversy, but the White House did not cancel 1033 projects. The White House thinks, equipment of for military use is helpful for executing the law personnel protects oneself security when answering hazardous condition, but existence abuses a risk, should ensure police with bearing the blame means use for military use equips. (Reporter Zhang Wei like that)


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