Parade of people of more than 10000 Japan objects a government restarting plain kernel power station

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rnel power station? ?2015-06-08 10:0 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel [summary] 15 thousand person attended that day, participants still halloo ” do not need nuclear power station ” wait for catchword, parade was held inside city.

According to day intermediary report, the appeal goes the Japanese citizen party that nuclear report changes was in park of crane of dance of blessing ridge city 7 days to hold this month turn over counterpoise to open a poetic name of China power station of kernel of electric power plain (be located in a deer insular county Sa Machuan. 15 thousand person attended that day, participants still halloo do not need the catchword such as nuclear power plant, parade was held inside city.

The graph is the spot of processional activity.

According to the report, about island of blessing of Tokyo electric power accident of the first nuclear power plant finds out a country to reach east the charge of blessing island nuclear power plant of electrocution thing responsibility is round colonel, Wu Teng kind child emphasize in the begining in assembly: Fab restart below the case that accident of nuclear power plant has not settle actually nuclear power plant.

And object plain Yuan Liangzi of bird of chairman of chamber of commerce of consult of contact of construction of kernel power stati

on expresses: Ignore popular will, agree with a deer the behavior that insular county and report of nucleus of the city inside Sa Machuan restart, allow a resident times feeling is indignant.

According to sponsorring square introduction, benciji can share 15 thousand person to attend. Partial participant still hallooes after assembly catchword forward headquarters of electric power of a poetic name of China held remonstrant parade.

As we have learned, restart to come true, plain the examination before kernel power station already accepted what Japanese nuclear energy compasses makes committee to use, predict the earliest to will be in the middle ten days of a month will restart this year in August.

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