Old person of arson of Japanese new artery or because resent annuities is too little and commit suicide

In report will occupy new network on July 1 day intermediary report, local time on June 30, a new artery that leaves for new Osaka by Tokyo happens to burn incident oneself inside train. Be aimed at this arson case, the neighbour that media interviewed arson suspect learns, the suspect ever showed pair of annuities to get amount to resent to the stream of people all round for many times, say to cannot live.

The report says, the female neighbour that according to arson suspect Lin Qi spring gives birth to discloses, the annuities amount that Lin Qi ever received with respect to 2 months complains say: My pay can receive 240 thousand yen 35 years only however (add up to a RMB about 12150 yuan of) . After deducting taxes

and water charge of electricity with respect to place remnant very few. Otherwise goes to annuities office hang oneself.

In addition, the apartment management person that lives according to the suspect discloses, accident that day is 6, the capture of chummage will expend day i

n July, but did not get remit money.

Japanese police says, probe of the monitoring inside the first railroad car patted the new artery of on fire Lin Qi from plastic pot is taken out inside knapsack, drench the liquid inside coal tub the process to the body. According to the analysis, lin Qi hides plastic bucket inside knapsack to take the above-listed car.

Police discloses, volume of transparent and plastic barrel makes an appointment with the white that appears in monitoring picture 10 litres. And female neighbour of Lin Qi also is in accident before today witness white of Lin Qi general afternoon little plastic bucket is put on pull rod box to procrastinate row. Why does the day that this female ever asked it is reported he is so hot at that time return need (fuel) , dan Linqi replies not clearly.


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