Greek hold the whole people with respect to debt problem now fair cast calm ” Qian Cheng “

[Summary] a lot of people in 11 million Greek citizen, the one ticket in sending skill, is new round of deliverance offers.

In new network on July 5 report local time on July 5, of cloud of deep-set debt anxious Greek greet a crucial to national destiny day the whole people fair drop day. A lot of people in 11 million Greek citizen, the one ticket in sending skill, is new round of deliverance offers. This is known as the old state of democracy birthplace, use referendum power on the problem that owes the glorious of this not likely that money still does not return nowadays.

This year on June 25, below the circumstance that is about to expire to Greek minister agreement, the 3 international creditor that drive Central Bank of committee of carriage European Union, Europe and composition of international Monetary Fund put forward the European Union a new draft agreement, with intent Greek the 3rd round of loan that provides 15.5 billion euro. But their requirement is Greek cut down pension expenses, raise emeritus age, tax rate of value added tax is moved on, so that be in,implementation was equivalent to its gross domestic product 2016 of 1% add close.

Greek respect rejects to accept such constrictive condition. Premier Qipulasi breathes out greatly this is to be in extortionate, meaning in humiliate Greek people, money grows Wanufajisi to complain say they reject to reduce us to pay the debt that does not have, still think the descendants that lets us will repay.

Of Greek government appeal to beg very clear, the hope increases governmental spending, reduce partial revenue, still want more debt to decrease plan, want to still choose fund less namely.

This, international creditor did not make step of sell one’s own things. Mixed 2010 divided 2012 annulus to Greek after offerring amount to be as high as the loan of 240 billion euro, what they hope least of all is to see so unending default. Although IMF president assumes when 2010,card favour thinks confidently Greek can control debt dimensions, but reality is, be in next in 5 years, greek economy shrink 1/4, unemployment rate exceeds 25% , stock market be thwarted, national debt yield violent wind goes up, the government faces the awkward situation that still does not have money, greek debt became the black hole that fills dissatisfaction.

The boreal Europe small country that this allows a person to remember experience crosses a country to go bankrupt is Icelandic. 2008 when financial crisis, icelandic gross domestic product has 19 billion dollar only, what external debt reached 1300 much dollars however is astronomical, endowment not pay a debt in kind or by labour, announce finally to go bankrupt.

Icelandic mixed 2010 the whole people of Ceng Ju travel is common 2011 cast, decision whether be out of pocket of Xiang Ying country, Holand, two result is most citizen cries not, the figure of bilk of the whole people kept to international society on certain level.

Through a few years rise and fall, this year in June, icelandic announce to end capital control, basically walk out of the lair of financial crisis. Greek whether to go up from the companionate body of those who have the same illness sympathize with each other, saw some kind of possibility? But analytic personage points out, icelandic with Greek circumstance, not to be named on the same day with. Icelandic do not belong to European Union and euro area, population has 320 thousand only, the boat is small good tune, icelandic go better more on the region that restores in economy, but watch instead current Greek, its Qian Cheng cannot not call in a extremely dangerous state.

Resemble Icelandic and same, greek from this year the bottom will begin to carry out capital control to the countryman in June, the regulation can be being taken automatically every calories only everyday 60 euro are taken on money machine, prohibit the bank turns pay outside Zhang or Xiang Hai, prevent the flee to other place of bank a run on a bank and capital.

When can abolish capital control, where is the life with go up normal too? Cyprus spent two years, icelandic spent 7 years. Greek? Should look fair the result that project.

Greek already will fair the content clear that casts vote tells the world: Central Bank of European Union committee, Europe and IMF referred on June 25, 201

5, whether should be the draft that makes by two parts accepted? Option has two only, simple palpability: Different idea / NO, agree / YES.

Yes Or No? This is one looks be like simple, had beaten countless times in historical endless flow however the problem of each hero hero. To Greek for, the possibility that should become is more than problem of an individual choice is so simple. If accept draft, greek the give aid and support that will get provisionality, banking also can return to normal, but should get along in chatelaine of the tighten below the superintendency of the European Union, continue to be faced with even second demand repayment, the people’s complaint was not eliminated. And, do not perform an operation, without the reform of true thoroughly remould oneself, greek debt hidden trouble still exists, still erupt possibly at any time.

Fair before casting arrival, premier Qipulasi brushs screen on gregarious media, appeal people says No to creditor, but if fair cast a result to break up dish, most person sent the word of Yes option, qipulasi has to bale the first times person. He not only bet on career of oneself premier throne, politics; Greek government also let whole country become bet the chip on the bureau.

Veto draft, greek meeting acquires temporary own right, but will lose all inter

national support. This is right Greek for, the likelihood also is described hard with a victory. Although Qipulasi emphasizes overruling draft to be not meant,retreat Europe, and according to recently civilian attune, the Greek people of 60% hopes to stay in euro area, but if be opposite really,international creditor says No, greek in European big family everywhere be rebuffed, prospective road or more rough. (Be over)


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