Person of action of center of art of new York little Lin Wu is captious must be interested in China culture

Little Lin Wen changes take root new York, flash is fast also 20 years. Go up century at the beginning of 90 time, the fruit that comes from Shaolin Temple forest enter provisional constitution swinging handle to play market of Cheng Tang’s person alone, he and junior fellow apprentice exceeded the sea to build a new York Shaolin Temple 1999, in American transmission little Lin Wen is changed, art of professor little Lin Wu, this action Ceng Hong is moved temporarily. Now, the center of art of little Lin Wu that they build also has name quite, american society elite theres is no lack of in student. On July 31, fruit forest tells ” round-the-world times ” reporter, new York is little forest very captious, the student that recruit must want to be interested in China culture.

The sea tells fruit Lin Hechao ” round-the-world times ” reporter, they realize, should use commercialize mode to realize new York little forest can develop continuously. But wushu grooms can commercialize manage, family hall for worshipping Buddha and commercialize manage bind together always let a person feel some at odds. Then, they sold arms of original house property cent route 2012, one part wushu grooms You Chaohai is responsible, continue to stay in farad to fill, and fruit forest is growing area of American inhabit a region buys house property in the island, build have a center of brand-new art of little Lin Wu. The center is a not small 2 layer buildings, have more than 10 house, some serves as a classroom, some at handling official bussiness using, return outside the door can park 50 cars. Basement is used at acrobatics to give lessons partly, one part is family hall for worshipping Buddha. Ever was Shaolin Temple becomes a monk or nun fruit forest of the monk is original law name Shi Yansi, where does he walk along without giving thought to after resume secular life, do obeisance to Buddha, Jing Fo even.

Every week one, 3, 5 in the evening, the foreign child that loves art of little Lin Wu people practice below the guidance of fruit forest. The United States that fruit forest enrols has lawyer, doctor, worker, ar

tist in child. Fruit forest says: The principle that I recruit student is to want to be interested in China culture, it is me select student and not be student carries me. They are my students, also be a friend, it is prospective partner more, can let them teach more people later. In Xi Wu wants to also want to repair buddhist already here, change to little Lin Wen even, have farther knowledge to thinking means of the Chinese and viewpoint of value. Fruit forest still is looking forward to an existing establishment to do an omnibus Chinese culture center, such idea some with respect to out his American child, they feel gradually in process of fierce of be used to want to understand Chinese culture and thought to be about to know Chinese deep. Guo Lingang should o

f his student invite go Venezuela discourses on an academic subject come back, what his student does over is little forest the center already had 1000 people to be in acrobatics, still the student established center of art of little Lin Wu in the South-American country such as Brazil, Argentina.

Those who fill stay in farad to exceed the sea to be managed well also, have even what come from Manhadu and new jersey is little forest fan. Exceed the sea to say, foreign student people be willing to be studied seriously, practice martial arts repairs buddhist, be in new York this can be being accomplished in this blatant and blundering world is not easy really.


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