How times afterwar manuscript of 70 years of talks is exposed to the sun to not have ” aggressive ” wait for a word

In fact, the focus of East Asia is installing problem of times pairs of histories to whether can meditate truly recently on. Liu Jiang Yong is right ” round-the-world times ” express, such reportorial report gives Japanese medium day just is in treat the history and right China the state of mind of the relation, because install think generally times visit impossibly recently China, because this Japan also does not hope to see Korea attends Chinese war of resistance against aggression to commemorate an activity, lest oneself are isolated.

The attention that brings these intrigue of times government to did not change Japanese people and East Asia each country is nodded. Japan ” morning sun news ” say 9 days, those who install 7 days of times evening to will publish the plan on August 14 is afterwar manuscript of 70 years of speeches gives be in office jointly from civilian party and fair bright party cadre, the aggression that in writing village hill to talk with springlet among them, uses, colony is regnant reach apology of from the bottom of one’s heart to wait for a keyword. Before this, word of earnestly of 21 centuries conception can be in the advisory orgnaization that installs times talk to bring the transaction of times in, ever had had the word such as aggression. And install this talk manuscript of times, want to repel on historical problem apparently afore-mentioned footing and viewpoint. The report says, what be in office jointly is fair bright party already the requirement that Xiang Anbei raises to keep the keyword sign such as aggressive, apology clearly. He

nceforth inside a few days, install times need to make political make a decision. This politics judgement will affect day to counteract day of Han Guan directly is whether can get ameliorative.

Compared with bring the historical knowledge of times, japanese people appears more sober. Occupy Japanese NHK TV station 9 days to report, ceremonially commemorates in what Nagasaki atom bomb explodes 70 years, the Fu Jiuxuan on Nagasaki mayor cropland is read ” peace is enunciative ” when say, bring the security bill that times political power promotes, your people is in to concept of Japanese constitution peace oscillatory is anxious to expand ceaselessly, he asks congress wants to be discussed cautiously to security proposed law. Enunciative still mention the Japanese memory to the war to feeling in the crisis of quickness die, appeal young generation is cogent and successive peaceful concept. Nagasaki atom bomb explodes a survival of 86 years old says on behalf of speech of the person that be exploded, install times government to push the security bill related to the war, from go up at all the person that overturned to include atom bomb to be exploded inside the apiration of people of numerous and invocatory peace, this is forward in those days warlike times is go in a direction not allowed by traffic regulations. To this, how times still insist to say when in commemorating an activity that day, making a speech, security proposed law aims to be on guard warlike Yu Weiran, indispensable. He knows an anguish that the speech is saying to Japan suffers nuclear explosion, and did not allude Japan starts aggressive history.

” new York Times ” say, actually, explosion of commemorative atom bomb is right this year An Beijin 3 for very awkward. He is in security and nuclear energy are rolled out on these two problems do not get domestic gay policy, and these two problems are opposite with people in public mood the painful memory that atom bomb explodes is linked together cheek by jowl.

Install problem of times pairs of histories to show the manner that come to make circumjacent country indignant more. To installing times cannot hold again expect, korea ” daily economy ” say 9 days, install times afterwar manuscript of 70 years of speeches by exposure, he is disregarded offer an apology does not say a single word in objecting strongly domestic and internationally talking, korea the government and the public gives to this strong condemnation. Han couplet company 9 days of quote are in office the word of chief spokesman Jin Rongyu weighs party of Home Dang Xinguo, japan must be remembered well, if install times in afterwar there is offer an apology of aggressive history in 70 years of talks, japan will lose the faith of international society, the expectation of disappoint international society, history of deep introspection aggression just is the only method that behaves Japanese mature one side. Spokesman of combination of democracy of new politics of the greatest opposition also expresses Han, japan is in Korea recover 70 years during do not have pair of aggressive history offer an apology and introspection, this as good as dominates at be about to repeat aggression and imper

ialism the history.


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