Actual edition ” kingly new clothes ” come out the person that dress lies namely naked (graph)

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Stage intermediary says, the new clothes of actual edition king, dare be you worn? Holand is worn a time that stylist Daan Roosegaarde spends 10 mon

ths, design this Intimacy clothing, make by foil of opaque intelligence electron, every time when nervous, heartbeat is quickened, this dress can become transparent.

Want to lie only, the dress can turn official of transparent Studio Roosegaarde into the net

According to Taiwan Dong Senxin hears cloud website to will report on August 11, cent of this series dress is black and white 2 kinds, long 1 meter, wide 40 centimeter. Use wisdom coil (Smart E-foils) wait with LED lamp, make this cover kingly new clothes. The characteristic of this dress depends on liner having combinative wisdom coil, every time when the mood is rising, coil receives heartbeat and ventilatory frequency, can become transparent.

The report says, the purpose that designs this case at first depends on exploring the impact between close sex and science and technology, basically make the communication between person and person more transparent, because the diaphaneity of this dress is met,change as the ripe detailed pitch of the other side, judge this individual to whether lie even. Lie the more when the person before want to conceal, more transparent.

The report says, this company is in early set out from this concept 2010, also rolled out a few prototype, at present newest design is driven before the Valentine’s Day to appear, have white and black two, but there still is Paris to exhibit in Hong Kong only at present.

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