Flower intermediary: Marine sonar is video show doubt to be like MH370 debris

According to British media coverage, in south search of the indian

ocean is missing the team of plane of Ma Hang MH370, claim marine sonar is video the object that showing may be MH370 debris extremely.

Search a team from sonar video, discovery has object of two shape resembling a box and object of several chief body in seabed of the indian ocean, it is MH370 debris likely very.

The date of search boat Go Phoenix that the Malaysia that those who pat videoly is the mapping company Fugro Survey that participates in a search and Malaysia employ ever employed. Its carry out chief inspector to amount to Field (Steve Duffield) expresses, those video likelihoods are the another breakthrough of the search.

Nevertheless, dafeierde expresses, local weather is at present harsh, should come to just will employ automatic submerge in December to November implement (AUV) , undertake searching over.

Early before the law belongs to Reunion island to discover MH370 wreckage, group of search of doubt making a person goes more than one year search amlposition buy, da Feide is inequitable to thinking to criticize,

show they see a lot of evidence, prove they look for pair of places. (Letter lotus)


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