Tourist chaos throws rubbish chelonian 12 centimeters long straw is inserted in nostril (graph)

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The intermediary outside occupying reports, do not throw rubbish toward sea mile chaos again, because this is likely,bring risk to the biology in the sea. Recently, in the ocean of the Costarica, animal researcher discovered a male Pacific Ocean beautiful chelonian, there is a sucker that is as long as 12 centimeters in his nostril.

This is plugging a sucker that is as long as 12 centimeters in the nostril of chelonian only.

This group of researcher put this chelonian to cockboat, they think the eyewinker in its nostril is a helminth at first.

Video presentation, as a result of the tool that carries inadequate, they can be this chelonian to become an operation with a small forceps only.

A few researcher pressed this chelo

nian, another person tries to place with forceps give this habit. Unexpectedly straw embeds deeply already the nose ministry structure of chelonian, pull out very hard. In this process, chelonian still poured out of bright red nosebleed.

Film the researcher say of video: This is why we should not throw plastic

straw in past sea.

After chelonian struggled for many times ceaselessly, researcher eventually firmly clips straw, unplugged it at a dash come out. Subsequently nosebleed goes out from the spew in the nose of chelonian.

Researcher says: It does not like this course very much apparently, but I hope now it can freer land breathes.

Subsequently, researcher is disinfected to the nasal cavity of chelonian with tincture of iodine, had healthy observation to it.

Those who make a person gratified is, in pull out after straw before long, the nose of chelonian bleeds no longer. Before long hind, it by replace the sea.

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