Be hijacked by IS response of premier of exposure of photograph of data of Norwegian hostage identity: Do not succumb

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The extreme organizes Mohammedan country (IS) release photograph of two pieces of hostage 9 days, call the Chinese, another is Norwegian, the requirement exchanges two people get-off with ransom (relevant report: ISIS claims hold sb under duress is a China, Norwegian qualitative) . Current, norwegian prime minister already affirmed among them a hostage is Norwegian citizen, but express to won’t succumb to terrorist pay ransom money.

By the Norwegian man that IS kidnaps: Aoleyaohangelimusi is tall – Aofusida

According to the report of Heavy of new media website, this Aoleyaohangelimusi that be by the Norwegian man name that IS hijacks is tall – Aofusida (Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad) .

According to the information on his Facebook homepage, gelimusi is tall – Aofusida ever learned in university of Norwegian science and technology. According to the news that IS place announces, gelimusi is tall – of Aofusida study is political science major, have bachelor and master’s degree.

This year on January 24, gelimusi is tall – Aofusida is stuck on his Facebook homepage civil say, he arrived at Syria eventually. And before this, gelimusi is tall – Aofusida announced many pieces on Facebook he is in Osmanli photograph.

More notable is, in many months of in the past, his Facebook homepage still linked a lot of news about IS.


The Iraq that insurgent news releases in newest first phase in IS publicizes a magazine ” Dabige ” (Dabiq) on network edition, the picture that sees these two hostage by the style of placard of make it advertisement.

Two hostage wear maize convict to take, two people were carried on corresponding page the photograph of different point of view. And writing markedly awesomely below their front photograph sell (FOR SALE) two words. Concerned respect mentions expressly to need to pay ransom to pledge in order to exchange two celebrity on this page release and transfer, in addition, photograph bottom keeps the telephone number that has an Iraq, warn say, attention: This is one has time time offer. Insurgent news calls this telephone call that announces on the magazine, fail to put through.

The individual information that pledges with two celebrity is returned on these two pieces of photographs. Show according to what the data adding on the photograph, chinese hostage name is FAN JINGHUI, chinese Peking Man, give unripe date to be on March 18, 1965, it is a free adviser, IS still announced the communication address of its Beijing.

Case of shellfish of Er of graceful all alone of be stranded of Norwegian prime minister (Erna Solberg) confirm on the press conference that holds 9 days local time, a Norwegian man of 40 years old is hijacked by IS in Syria.

Suoerbeige expresses, the horrible organization that this man ever was differred by this year January is sequestered, reason believes he has become the pawn of Mohammedan country now. She still expresses, secondary of kidnapper Ceng Duo seeks pay ransom money, but the rejection that this asked to encounter Norwegian government.

Norwegian government is right now this matter affection very be deeply concerned, we cannot also won’t succumb the pressure at terrorist. Norwegian government does not have pay ransom money. Suoerbeige says, face extremely vicious terrorist, this is our consistent principle. To terrorist consign ransom can increase the risk that other and Norwegian people is hijacked only.

(original title: Norwegian prime minister responds to a citizen to be kidnapped by IS: Won’t succumb to terrorist pay ransom money)

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