Group of round mountain pass loses Japanese force in containing venom body rubbish to send 14 people poison

According to Japan ” produce classics news ” will report on August 25, japanese Kobe city east litter of industry of one civilian battalion handles beach area establishment produces toxic accident one case at 3 days, because 14 staff members are inspiratory the gas that the aerification of one inside plastic bucket poisonous liquid hydrofluoric acid in rubbish produces and slight and toxic. Personnel ransacks to depend on 25 days accepting related this one information leaked when interviewing.

According to the report, discard this are plastic of the bucket is to be located in Kobe city east the Japan of beach area appoints headquarters of group of violent round mountain pass. Police of arms library co

unty is disobeyed with be suspected of afternoon at 3 days ” litter handles a way ” and undertook ransacking to headquarters of mountain pass group, investigated these liquid use.

According to ransacking the personage expresses, of poisonous liquid plastic bucket is Kobe city east the industrial litter of beach area reclaims practitioner of course of study reclaims from headquarters of mountain pass group, be suspected of disobeying practitioner to handle the regulation such as formalities in this process.

It is reported, hydrofluoric acid is used extensively in industry, be by ” virulent content administers a law ” administrative volatile liquid, contact this liquid to be able to bring about human body skin to be destroyed, only inspiratory the case with the severe gas that its produce also can cause death.

Korea ever produced chemical plant hydrofluoric acid one case to divulge an accident in great quantities in September 2012, bring about circumjacent dweller health to be affected. Produced hydrofluoric acid of plant of S

amSung electron semiconductor one case to divulge an accident again in Korea in January 2013, cause 1 person death.


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