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魔都新茶论坛The hacker is organized " anonym " the spokesman is arrested to be accused 18 years old only 5 blames


 Indian teenager collects many 14 thousand pencil two England queen ever had been used

 Login how to register airline of Malaysia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to should compensate for standard of aircraft accident indemnity (newest) origin: ? ?2014-03-09 15:5 of

a surname of Qu Xian Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] how should be Malaysia airline compensated for? Usually, family member of aviation accident victim and get hurt the compensation that the passenger wins includes two shares: The first, carri
er (airline) assumes compensation. The 2nd, the compensation that insurance company place assumes, besides danger of aviation accident harm, still include passenger oneself to cast the accident a place difficult of access that guarantee insurance of accident perhaps medical treatment.

Plane of MH370 of flying Beijing of Malaysia airliner kuala lumpur broke couplet incident to cause attention of domestic and international height, and accident compensation also makes central point of incident the next (plane of Malaysia airliner wreck 154 China passenger is detailed list) .

How should Malaysia airline compensate for standard of aircraft accident indemnity

The personage inside course of study expresses, airline has commonly cast guarantee aviation a place difficult of access, among them responsibility danger includes the safeguard that the passenger's person harms, "Although passenger oneself did not buy business,so insurance also can obtain the compensate of airline to pay.

As we have learned, usually, family member of aviation accident victim and get hurt the compensation that the passenger wins includes two shares: The first, carrier (airline) assumes compensation. The 2nd, the compensation that insurance company place assumes, besides danger of aviation accident harm, still include passenger oneself to cast the accident a place difficult of access that guarantee insurance of accident perhaps medical treatment. In addition, basis " Montreal convention " regulation, the limitation of liability to pay compensation of every passenger can achieve 10 thousand yuan about a hundred, and the compensatory standard of this convention is every 5 years update.

The personage inside course of study expresses, "Airline casts the aviation that protect relevant responsibility a place difficult of access is included in danger, so once produce anything friend, airline can pay pair of passengers to undertake compensate pays again with the compensate of insurance company.

International home flight number compensates for upper limit to differ

Basis " Montreal convention " relevant provision, even if passenger was not joined protect the SDR that also can have at least 1.2 million yuan of RMBs, and specific compensation standard needs to consult discretion of victim age size, income is reached get hurt circumstance and calm.

As we have learned, via reexamine of international Civil Aviation Organization, since December 30, 2009, " Montreal convention " be opposite the 21st times every passenger the first gradient (when airline does not have fault) limitation of liability to pay compensation rises to make an appointment with a RMB one million two hundred and nine thousand two hundred yuan.

How should be Malaysia airline compensated for

Standard of aircraft accident indemnity requires reference 3 elements

Specific compensatory standard requires reference 3 elements, include age size of the victim, the compensation of general victim is applicable " survive numeration " , namely the compensatory specified amount with small age is high, the compensatory specified number with large age is small; The discretion of income, basically be with pay taxes the circumstance is a basis; The person that get hurt is according to disabling grade decides compensatory specified amount is spent commonly. In addition, the person was not hurt on wreck airliner is OK also basis " Montreal convention " win corresponding compensation.

Red accept aviation accident compensated for airline 2012

In June 2012, nigeria red accept airline produces aviation accident one case, bring about on machine 153 people to be murdered entirely, among them, include 6 China citizen. After one year is being lain between when, insurance company is opposite at was being announced recently relevant drop the compensatory plan that defends a victim. In putting forward to compensate for 125 families of application, have 95 families after finishing consanguineous relation and first trial of relevant law material, in advance won the provisionality compensation of 30 thousand dollar. Among them, 11 families already passed all examine and verify, win sum compensation of 100 thousand dollar; Have program of 21 families examine and verify additionally be about to be over, also will win sum compensation very quickly.

Turn over a page to continue to browse: Many insurance company of domestic starts lash-up of major reason compensate after MH370 airliner incident beforehand case, the platoon checks even more 100 clients take experience thing scheduled flight.

News heat:

Does Malaysia break couplet airliner to be robbed machine? Ma Fang: 4 people hold false passport

Ma Hang breaks couplet plane aviation accident to drop after the sea how maritime live seek to live on increase survival probability

Special subject report: Special subject of news of plane of equestrian boat wreck

On one page reads related indication full text of 123 one page: Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of news recreation Fujian

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral

Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promot
ion provide for the aged is taken

 France character of one children book is completely naked content interest explodes cause violent scold battle


An Europe never has the war that has seen later from World War II. Wu Kelan prevents long Glenn when outstanding Yi will issue this one warning on September 1, black government army the situation that is in area of chaos caused by war of the eastpart part take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly.

Base complementary express, wu Kelan army is in 1 day Lugansike and army of tank of a Russia erupt battle. Ma Qiuxin of black army sp

okesman says: The battle of Wu Kelan parachuter and Russia tank battalion is undertaking, the target is airport of control Lu Gan Sike. Black outstanding Yi says defense minister Glenn further, russian army also is in to this area other town moves, include a Nie Ci to capture the biggest city of the area. Russia army has gotten affirming in the information over there, we are fighting with Russia, be Russia in the decision area general produces Dubaside what. This is military affairs of latter and ceaseless accuse Russia the Wukelan that inbreak criticises Russian army enters town of key of black the eastpart part clearly first. 1 day later on, black army expresses, already abandoned and other places of airport of Lu Gan Sike.

Below difficult situation, shen Ke of black president pineapple is in 1 day base complementary criticise Russia undertakes barefaced aggression to black. He says: Neighbour begins to be started to Wukelan mix directly barefaced aggression, this changed the condition of conflict area quickly. Network of news of American cable television says 1 day, warn in Shen Keceng of the pineapple after peak of Brussels European Union is met last weekend, as aggravate of black Russia crisis, both sides approachs full-scale war increasingly, I think we are very adjacent already do not put in a dot 's charge, this does not put in a dot 's charge is full-scale war, this has happened in disrupt force and area of pilot of Russia regular army.

Face Wukelan censure, lafuluofu expresses Russian minister of foreign affairs 1 day, presently won't the military affairs intervenes Wukelan conflicts, we advocate peace mediates this one the most serious crisis, this one tragedy only. Everything what what we do aims to advance politics to settle position. He addresses in institute of relation of Muscovite national international say: I expect to today's negotiation very big, want to devote oneself to to come to an agreement above all, instantly termless cease-fire. Russian tower company says, lafuluofu still expresses, at present the mainest is Washington and Brussels should Xiang Jifu raises a requirement, heavy-duty weapon, plane copes with disuse civil establishment, city and dweller. Wu Kelan should abandon all completely highbrow demands, include to let commando disarm and ego destruction.

As black governmental army is successional be thwarted, the west appeals the sound that supplies a weapon to Wukelandi is increasing. BBC report says, meineidesi of chairman of committee of American senatorial diplomacy will visit Wukelan on August 31 capital radical complementary when express, european Union, north should supply a weapon with the United States about, rangwukelan is OK defend oneself. Beijing letting general to continue aggression pays price.

Or armed Wu Kelan, or surrenders, " new York Times " say 1 day for the problem with this, russian black two countries is at war nowadays, at least 2200 people die at conflict. The western power that includes beautiful Europe and north to be made an appointment with inside nowadays already did not have what tweak, but they cannot be at a loss what to do. General Beijing forces the west only remnant two terrible option: Or armed Wu Kelan, or is forced base complementary surrender, allow general Beijing to be in be frozen occupationally to conflict by Russia the area is wanton cut is domanial.

Face a nuclear power nevertheless,

difference of western country attitude is vast. German TV one platform scale, baltic country hopes to reinforce a war, want strong antagonism Russia. German premier Mokeerxi hopes to strengthen sanction, but object supplying military aid to Wukelandi, afraid this action will bring about conflict to upgrade further.

The message of committee of mother of soldier of organization of human rights of 1 day of cite weighs Afp, in the past two months, nearly 15 thousand Russia soldiers are sent Wukelan, among them at least 200 people die in the battle, at present Russian army has 7000 to come in Wu Kelan churchyard 8000 people. Face increasingly the condition of out of control and opposed raise the price of the commodities continuously, afp comment says: Fear is increasing, people fears antagonism may gobble up whole continent.

(Original title: Black just affirms battalion of Russian army tank attends a war both sides approachs full-scale war increasingly)


 Norwegian man plays " challenge glacial a bucket " : The lorry carries water of 6.8 tons of ice to irrigate consciousness is lost after 30 seconds

Now international news


In new network report will report 3 days according to American media on August 4, the 4th big city of American Ohio holds Lei Duo in the palm (Toledo) a waterworks detects a toxin, it is difficult to bring about 500 thousand person to water.

Local time 2 days of before dawn, this city a waterworks detects the toxin of the algae in giving water supply to affect a kind to may come from Yu Lin close Erie, force state government to announce 3 counties enter urgent state, the accused of nearly 500 thousand dweller knows not drinkable tap water, cause bottled water rapid out of stock, state seat of government is shifting all resource to suffer influence area to distribute drinking water.

Ask family of Lei Duo city after Lin Sishui handles a factory to pass at midnight

, detect the toxin of small bag alga that in giving 2 example, contains exceeds bid. County and county of adjacent county Wood enter the Lucas that bey blocks Xikeli to announce Tuoleiduo is in namely critical condition, controlled at 3 o'clock afternoon enlarge limits to rich a county. Hold Lei Duo city in the palm to admonish the dweller does not want drinkable tap water, and do not try be disinfected through boil, will make toxin chroma elevatory in that way. Caution makes still ask the parent does not let children bathe, additional pet also do not answer drinkable this water.

After message get about, dwellers flock drive to the supermarket to buy bottled water, settle accounts is in a cue that has tens of people, a lot of businessmen installed everybody to be restricted to buy box to count, but even if is such, goods in stock is very fast also with respect to be exhausted. Occasion of scare buying of a few market is hot, before authorities expedites a police, go to uphold order. The people that if wish,fails a few more additionally drives the city just buys the Mixiegen on north bottled water. Water

supply is independent at Kelinsi the fire control of the adjacent area of water works stands to wait with cathedral public, begin to the people that carries container to come round free water supply.

(Original title: Tap water of American Russia city detects it is difficult to give toxin to send 500 thousand person to water)

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