80 years old of old people build India hill of female singer of miniature edition peaceful to grieve over the wife constructs coffin pit

Will report on September 15 according to British media, in Indian north state (the Kaser Kalan village of Uttar Pradesh) , 80 years old of old people expend Zuerhasang in boast heart (the Tai Jiling that Faizul Hasan Quadri) used 3 years of time to build miniature edition meticulously in the garden after oneself, die in order to commemorate wife.

Marry 53 years with wife Tajamulli in boast heart, latter died because of laryngocarcinoma 2012. To remember beloved wife forever, decide imitated Tai Jiling constructs coffin pit for its in boast heart. Because do not have the child, the

decision in boast heart will be lifetime the saving is used at building small Tai Jiling to go up. End so far, 110 thousand pound has been cost in boast heart (add up to a RMB about 1.07 million yuan of) . However because capital is extinct, he cannot finish small Tai Jiling possibly.

Build through 3 years, in boast heart face the dilemma with dried up exchequer now. Say in boast heart: Original, I sold my land with the price of 60 thousand pound, the bullion headgear of the wife sold 15 thousand pound, a manson of local is willing to provide the help that builds mausoleum aspect for me. Now, I need to enchase marble monument to go up, and around move it establishs lush and green garden, expense of these two projects still may need 70 thousand pound.

After the wife dies, its remains bury is in boast heart in farm. Subsequently, he begins to be all round wife graveyard build small Tai Jiling. Manson ever was in boast heart, he himself makes dome for coffin pit, and centrally is built all around build remove 4 towers, every tower Gao Douchao crosses 8 meters. Say in boast heart: This structure is built on the land of myself, I still plan to be all round its kind on tree, building the reverse side still has pool. But rise in price as a result of marble, build be immersed in halt condition. A lot of people are willing to offer finance to help to me, but I refused. This is my individual commemoration day dies wife hard, all things this myself is done.

Government of northward even state ever offerred to be helped to be offerred in boast heart, but refuse by old person courtesy. He says he can plan market fund, do not want to accept a government to aid financially. The imperial tomb of female singer of half finishing peaceful that builds in boast heart is in place very popular. He says: People is contended for from each district emerge to watch monument.

Oneself little brother has told in boast heart, after oneself die, want to add up to oneself and wi

fe bury.


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