What is orgnaization of dialog of Tunisia whole nation is organized 4 times it is important that it has many?

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Nobel committee chairman will award ” Tunisia whole nation conversational orgnaization ” Nobel peace prize on October 9 (Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet) , aim to commend this organization is ” multivariate creed democracy progress made conclusive contribution ” .

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From left to right, tunisia industry, commerce and Wided Bouchamaoui of banquet of the leader of an alliance of handicraft industry couplet, tunisia labor combines Houcine Abbassi of total meeting secretary-general, abdessattar Ben Mouss of banquet of the leader of an alliance of Tunisian authority couplet and Mohamed Fadhel Mahmoud of chairman of national bar association

Norwegian Nobel committee expresses, the Nobel peace prize this year has 273 to await anthology, include among them 68 organizations mix 205 individual. German premier Anjilamokeer (Angela Merkel) and papal square aid each (Francis) also row among them.

Committee chairman says when award prize, 2013, tunisia politics assassinates frequency hair, the society is turbulent, democratic process breaks down nearly, whole country is in the brim of civil war, be in this moment, “” of orgnaization of dialog of Tunisia whole nation was born. It was created agile and political agenda of peace, make Tunisia has sufficient time to establish constitutional government government, assure the basic rights and interests of all countrymans thereby.

The ” of orgnaization of dialog of ” Tunisia whole nation to bear the palm is not familiar with the public. In fact, this unexpectedly the orgnaization name of bear the palm also does not have interest. Its English name is “Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet” , quartet original meaning is ” quartet ” , the organism of 4 core citizen that expresses to comprise an orgnaization here. Nuo prize committee also alludes designedly in demit of bear the palm them: Tunisia labor always is met jointly (Tunisian General Labour Union) , Tunisia industry, commerce and handicraft industry alliance (The Tunisian Confederation Of Industry, trade And Handicrafts) , Tunisian authority is allied (The Tunisian Human Rights League) organize with Tunisia lawyer industry (The Tunisian Order Of Lawyers) .

But Nuo prize committee also states: What the peaceful prize this year awards is the ” Tunisia whole nation that is a delegate with these 4 organizations conversational orgnaization ” , be not itself of these 4 organizations. Actually, nuo award is the praise and honor that negotiates the integral sex effect that has in the process in democracy to Tunisia citizen organism.

The crisis after revolution

So it is important that these 4 orgnaizations have many after all?

Of the Arabia that sweeps across North Africa of whole middle east spring hair result Tunisia. After the regime in this A was being toppled 2011, tunisia people produced a country at carrying democratic vote first on October 23, 2011 constitutional congress. Carry this vote, of Mohammedan the largest political parties and groups Mohammedan revive athletic party (Ennahda) with additionally two blame Mohammedan left-wing political party formed associated government, process of transition of country of collective supervisory Tunisia and new constitution legal system decide a process. In the meantime, party of call of Tunisia of burgeoning and lay political party (Nidaa Tounes) held water to object government and revive of motion object alliance.

Tunisia is whole Arabia spring the first country, its politics course gets attention fully, random also however hemp is fascicular. When meantime, tunisia established 100 many political parties in succession, the society breaks up badly, the democracy that place of jasmine flower revolution builds is be between the beetle and the block, be badly in need of condensing consensus, but dispute is ceaseless between political party and interest group social antagonism is more and more serious.

In April 2013, cacique of politics of Tunisia left wing is like a gram Libeilaide (Chokri Belaid) is assassinated, revive the control that athletic party agrees with to abandon pair of 3 large government sectors by force of pressure (internal affairs ministry, department of defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) , appointed politics indifferent technology bureaucratic. However rummy of cloth of Mohammed of another left-wing politician (Mohamed Brahmi)7 also is assassinated 25 days month, contradiction cannot control the ground to continue to upgrade, tunisia erupted the political crisis of comprehensive sex. Remonstrant is on street, opposition asks the government resigns and dismiss constitutional mass rally.

Be to answer such political crisis, tunisia president Mengsaifumaerzuji (Moncif Merzuk) the requirement begins national dialogue.

Successful interest coordinator

In presidential Maerzuji (Merzuk) fall with the proposal of relevant political party, society of 4 Tunisia citizen is collective dominant harmonious revive athletic party (Ennahda) government and call party (the national dialog that Nidaa) objects alliance acts, they obtain 4 orgnaizations of Nobel peace prize now just about: Tunisia labor combines organization of trade of alliance of authority of industry of total meeting, Tunisia, commerce and handicraft industry alliance, Tunisian and Tunisia lawyer.

“” of orgnaization of dialog of Tunisia whole nation did not facilitate by outside crossbencher according to the tradition, and have the politics that comparative and economic interest representative. Among them, tunisia labour union participates in Tunisia politics all the year round, appeal street protests an activity, large strike was led after will be being assassinated in July in cloth rummy; Other members are returned with reject allied concern close; Regard Tunisia as the delegate of different society member, conversational result and orgnaization become an interest be closely bound up. Accordingly, mohammedan revive the lea

der of athletic party once suspected whether harmonious result is met just.

But ever since, the time that orgnaization of dialog of Tunisia whole nation still overcame all sorts of difficulty to spend several months differs in Tunisia undertake communicate and negotiation among the political party of political footing and organism, break up in order to avoid the Tunisia society after revolution further.

Till October 3, 2013, in orgnaization of dialog of Tunisia whole nation the labor of 4 tycoons combines Brazil of A of Hu Xin of secretary-general of total meeting UGTT (Houcine Abbassi) after having a talk with Rached Ghannouchi of Mohammedan movement leader, mohammedan motion agrees to begin national dialogue just now. And many countries are not in middle east north at that time, revolution has begun to show its to tear off social sequela, mohammedan big country the Muerxiyisilan of Egypt creed government also nonofficeholding because of coup.

“” of orgnaization of dialog of Tunisia whole nation produced two effect as coordinator: The first, realize the necessity that develops harmonious activity below the big environment at that time, because outside activity also can produce inevitable effect to Tunisia; The 2nd, be not the part that only neutral ability holds the position of accommodator successfully, mediatory after all result must be accepted by interest relative finally.

Committee of prize of Nuo of no less than is in demit of bear the palm place character: After revolution, contradiction of Tunisia home religion and political conflict are very austere still, but countrywide dialog orgnaization is in however citizen, between political party and government open up the channel that a peace speaks, to the greastest extent clear up chaos caused by war, help them build the solution that can get each just are agreed with. This is according with Aerfuleidenuobeier (Alfred Nobel) last wish. Nobel committee expresses: “The important sign that revolution ends was last year the election of the peaceful democracy that the autumn holds in Tunisia, this is the result that orgnaization of dialog of Tunisia whole nation tries hard, it supports the work of constitutional conference to the greastest extent, ensure constitution program is in broad Tunisian civilian in get self-identity. Ensure constitution program is in broad Tunisian civilian in get self-identity..

Guard constitutional government fructification

Nobel peace prize is tremendous victory to Tunisia. Nuo appoint can hope this award the democratic process that can defend Tunisia, middle east of shunt excitation encourage, the people of other area of North Africa and world fights to seek peace and democracy. Because of ” Tunisia whole nation conversational orgnaization ” created a brand-new model: How to fall in suitable case namely, resolve difference through talking things over, reach a solution finally. Make Tunisia serves as those who cause Arabia spring country, relatively Egypt, Libyan wait for a country with Yemen, entered democracy smoothly from regime of an authority creed.

However, the democracy of Tunisia is immature still, still flabby also solid. Just produced ultraism assault two cases this year, 60 people are killed, tourism got severe impact.

After Nobel peace prize is announced, tunisia labor combines total meeting secretary-general Brazil of Hu Xin A says to win this award let him feel extremely flattered. “Conversational orgnaization leads us to move toward right way, this award transmitted an information: We should disarm, sit before conference table. “When Hu Xin accepts Reuter to interview, say.

Committee of Tunisia pioneer truth and dignity (Tunisia S P

ioneering Truth And Dignity Commission) spokesman Aimoermola (Anouar Moalla) the leader before be opposite at present plunges into Yinabidingbenali (. Aimoer says: “Nobel peace prize gives us tremendous hope, this thing is too stirring really, fab. Fab..

Si Telun of made of baked clay Er of Ge Te of Ma of Norwegian Foreign Minister (Margot Wallstr M) express, “” of orgnaization of dialog of Tunisia whole nation wins this award solid return to the name. “The way that strike of a country reforms democratically is long and hardships, and often get into trouble, but all these is correct, worthiness, can get the support of citizen society. “. She is particularly admiring still the new constitution that Tunisia builds, think this constitution assured the rights and interests of woman and children, reach consensus between each political parties and groups. (Sohu international Liu loves You Yi to report together)

(original title: Tunisia orgnaization wins Nobel peace award unexpectedly, it after all much more important? )

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