Afghan hospital doubt investigates U.S. Army bomb thoroughly by abstruse Bama acceptance

Rescuing organization of international medical treatment is located in Afghan north city to offspring without national boundaries doctor person 3 days of before dawn suffer traumatic center the air attack bomb that doubt is like an U.S. Army, already caused 19 people death, 37 people to get hurt at present. American president Aobama expresses deep-felt lamentation to air attack massacre, affirmatory will launch thorough investigation.

Without national boundaries doctor 3 days make a statement say, local time 3 days of before dawn 2 when begin 10 minutes, this medical establishment is hit for many times in successive bomb, be damaged badly. At that time, there are about 105 patients and paramedic inside the hospital, still those who exceed 80 foreign nationality and place do not have staff member of national boundaries doctor. Say without national boundaries doctor, 3 children and 12 staff members include in the victim, have addition

ally 37 people get hurt and much person is missing.

After air attack incident happens, say in a statement that Aobama issues in the White House, I represent Americ

an citizen, the medical worker that treats the casualty in raiding massacre to having national boundaries doctor and civilian express deep-felt lamentation. He says, american department of defense has launched investigation to air attack, will give furnace hind to have final judge to incident in findings.

North is stationed in Afghan army to admit to media about, 3 days of before dawn are opposite the U.S. Army elder brother person specific target had air strike, the likelihood has caused the medical establishment damage near the target, state the accident is in investigation.

Afghan president office makes a statement 3 days say, north is stationed in Afghan army about supreme commander writings brush Campbell called A president to add the Buddhist nun that day about, organized medical establishment to be undertaken by Xiang Jiani of bomb be related the circumstance explains without national boundaries doctor, express to mourn to incident victim. Both sides also expresses to will launch combination and thorough investigation to this incident.


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