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广州夜网SN论坛WDSLogin register minister of Ministry of finance of India of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be weighed " is English sodden " because feeling humiliate appeals for help premier origin: ? ?2014-02-13 17:0 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of

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Indian media explodes 13 days give a your person to be between tears and smiles " appeal for help " letter. The city develops this nation department secretary (deputy ministry class) Kelixina sends · of Su Di Er letter its boss says, be in on high-level meeting, neat Danbalan of minister of Indian Ministry of finance weighs his " English is sodden " , make him feel shame, hope premier redress the scales.

Kelixina says in complaining a letter, be in when hold last week on high level conference, he tries to explain a point of view to minister of Ministry of finance, "And money grew to interrupt my speech suddenly, say to understand my English not, and let me say to imprint ground language, let someone else be translated into English again. Let someone else be translated into English again..

Kelixina thinks, money grows neat Danbalan to emphasize its over and over " English is sodden " , before many curule face humiliate him. This official puts forward, xin Ge of hope India premier can notice this matter, take likely processing step.

City of India of local media cite develops department public figure to think, the Kelixina of be insulted " English is likely the level of short of Oxford, but more skilled still " . Him Kelixina expresses after incident exposure, do not wish to make more make known one's position again.

Indian society English popularizes degree taller, official activity with English, imprint ground language is main diction. (Fu Yong

kang of reporter of Chinese news network)

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


 Before 3 foreign female reporters see Israel premier, be taken off by the requirement underwear installs check

 Now international news

Large award should establish beneficent fund in Hungarian hobo

Dispatch will occupy the net austral Fujian on Feburary 20 England " defend

a newspaper " will report on Feburary 16, hungarian hobo pulls Ciluo Andelasiqieke to will spend light last year in September a few coin were bought finally one Zhang Le shows lottery ticket, 1.7 million pound is gotten in thinking of (add up to a RMB about 17.32 million yuan) large award. Will donate a good deal of fund to local hobo hostel Feburary this year till Andelasiqieke, its story just by fair at numerous.

According to the report, hungarian have 30 thousand hobo probably, but the government released this country recently an open to question code -- to bivouac street person place with amerce or imprisonment, caused pr

otest. For this, andelasiqieke relinquishs one part stake " the home of tramp " , hope they accept more hobo. He still plans to use these money to be alcohol addict and the woman that suffer domestic force to build foundation.


Omit the activity that its the video language that Diaoyu Island concerns on the website increases to 9 kinds in the light of Japanese foreign affairs, hong Lei of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses 12 days, japan just objects be being adopted on Diaoyu Island problem stoutly in another provoke the action.

And Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs is northeast inferior Japan of 11 days of call in is stationed in bureau director Piao Junyong Gao Zhi of well of storehouse of Korea embassy minister, requirement Japan government deletes view day to just be had alone island (Japan weighs Zhu Dao) the video of new edition network of dominion.

Angle insular video

90 seconds grow when 9 languages

According to the report, the video language that province of Japanese foreign affairs will concern Diaoyu Island 11 days on its website increased 9 kinds, meaning increasing publicize strength external. It is reported, video content is to claim Diaoyu Island reachs his accessary islands (Japan says " pointed cabinet Zhu Dao " ) it is alleged " Japan is inherent and domanial " , about 90 seconds are brought up when.

Hong Lei says 12 days, this is day just adopt on Diaoyu Island problem another provoke the action, just object stoutly to this in. I wish to reiterate, no matter day just publicizes its one-sided with what method unlawful position, unalterable Diaoyu Island belongs to Chinese fact. We urge day of Founder to inspect the history and reality gravely, stop everything to provoke words and deeds instantly, return the path that through the dialog negotiation canal charges to contend for make peace to solve a problem to come up.

Zhu Dao is publicized piece

87 seconds grow when 10 languages

Japan releases " Zhu Dao is publicized piece " 27 seconds grow 1 minute when video, japan of main conduct propaganda has dominion to islands of this one controversy. Province of Japanese foreign affairs will upload Japanese and English edition video to the whole world early or late this year in October the biggest video shares a website, 11 days are this month on this website and website of government of much home Japan add the new edition video that includes 10 kinds of languages such as Chinese, Han Wen, Russian.

Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs puts forward twice to protest to this paragraph of video before, urge Japan to the government deletes video instantly and face up to the history.

Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs will confirm in October, japan is released " Zhu Dao is publicized piece " before, han Fang releases the video that a paragraph of Shi Changchao crosses 12 minutes on the net, introductory Korea is right alone the basi

s that the island has dominion, refute day of square view.

□ relevant news

Airline Xiang Zhongfang refers a flight to plan

Han says not to prevent day to say to will allow

On routine press conference of 12 days, the reporter asks, according to the report, korea respect asks its airline " oversight " in air defence of square the East China Sea identifies an area, but do not prevent each company Xiang Zhongfang to refer relevant flight to plan. Is there just He Ping to talk to this in? Hong Lei of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses, about airline Xiang Zhongfang reports relevant flight to plan, the flight safety that is helpful for ensuring concerned airline reachs the flight order of relevant airspace.

It is reported, after the flight that in Korea land ocean the ministry allows Korea airline 12 days to refer sky of the national defence in the course to identify an area to China plans, each airline referred a flight to plan to China early or late.

Occupy day intermediary story additionally, the cadre that Japan ground transportation saves says 12 days, area problem identifies to go up in the air defence that is aimed at Chinese government set, japanese government will hold to " do not admit " footing, but from the flight safe angle considers, will allow Japanese each airline to make a choice freely on the issue that whether needs to hand over fli

ght specification to China. The report points out, this one practice that Japan ground transportation saves, mean Japanese government to had coverted the position that abandoned a part.

And Japanese premier An Beijin 3 will be in Japan - east special summit points out alliance on the meeting, just delimit in set air defence of the East China Sea to identify an area " the likelihood causes accident situation, breakneck " , day will be sought east the alliance understanding to its footing. Day still just hopes " ocean and celestial safety " with east alliance reachs consensus in order to contend China. To this, hong Lei expresses 12 days, tripartite should not is aimed at when just thinking to the relationship develops between concerned country in. (Xin Huazhong is new)

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Day apply colours to a drawing " China is minatory " the purpose is more than defend for safety

 Nepalese earthquake of 4 months big baby is rescued after 22 hours (graph)


 Wu Kelan's new president is born pineapple Shen Ke gets bill rate to exceed 50% to will win victory

England is increased by the European Union cost of budget of a huge sum is tongue-lashed " bloodsucker "

 Japan carries idea of two defensive plans footing of square in contend Diaoyu Island

 广州夜网SN论坛WDSYesterday morning, chen Bingde admiral is in chief of the general staff of committee member of central the Central Military Commission, the Chinese People's Liberation Army 81 buildings and Malan of · of Er of Michael of chairman of joint meeting of U.S. Army chief of staff hold a talk, talk topic for discussion includes Sino-US two countries two army development of military strength of problem of weapon of stage of relation, beautiful carry out, Nanhai, China. On the associated news conference that holds after the talk, chen Bingde says, before paragraph time, u.S. Army early or late with Vietnam, Philippine the joint military exercise is done in Nanhai, this kind of exercise is done in this time very inappropriate.

Nanhai problem

Hope U.S. Army is not brought " unpleasantness "

Chen Bingde discusses Nanhai issue mainly on the news conference, this also is the first question that talk of bilateral little scope raises at the beginning. Chen Bingde says, although the U.S. Army claims to intervene innocently for many times Nanhai conflict, but actually the U.S. Army has intervened, especially before paragraph time, u.S. Army early or late with Vietnam, Philippine associated war game is made in Nanhai, this kind of exercise is done in this time very inappropriate.

Chen Bingde says, the U.S. Army mentions the problem that Nanhai area freedom sails often in the talk, he expresses to the U.S. Army need not worry about for this and worry, because Nanhai area is free the voyage is nonexistent any problems. Chen Bingde says, the existence of hope U.S. Army can give Nanhai area to do a few good works more, do the thing of a few stimulative peace and stability more, and do not bring unpleasantness here.

Malan ever expressed before this, the U.S. Army should maintain extended war to exist in Nanhai area. Yesterday, when answer reporter quizs, malan says, be not the military affairs that just keeps long-term in Nanhai area to exist, the military affairs that should keep long-term in whole Asia-Pacific area however exists. Malan expresses, existence of so called extended war is should have the activity such as martial training, a sham battle with Nanhai periphery country, the U.S. Army builds new martial base in Nanhai innocently at present.

Malan is special still announce, the end of the year is Sino-US this year two army will be in inferior the bay holds man to oppose pirate drill jointly.

Aircraft carrier problem

China has not decided to build a few aircraft carrier

The reporter asks about the problem that builds about Chinese aircraft carrier, chen Bingde answer says, china introduces to abandon old aircraft carrier from Wukelan, try to consider on this foundation very valuable also, as to can build a few aircraft carrier to had not decided now. He points out, the United States has ten aircraft carrier, and China is done not have, this develops a standard with China's current national power too unworthily.

Mention the condition that Chinese military strength grows, chen Bingde says, chinese military strength although development of the last few years is rapidder, but a kind of development that compensates a gender, china is pursued inside very long in the past period of time " army wants tolerance " policy, the overall level of weaponry should say to want to lag behind than the United States 20 to 30 years.

Beautiful machine scouts

The U.S. Army should suspend activity of coastal waters scout

The problem that scouts often in Chinese coastal waters with respect to American warship and plane, chen Bingde points out, the unmanned scout of the closest U.S. Army is apart from Chinese coasting to there are 16 sea miles only recently when scout of Chinese coastal waters, this scout limits has touched close China territorial water very close, he thinks the U.S. Army was not necessary to have such spy to China, hope the overall situation that its concern from two countries considers, decrease and suspend such reconnoiter activity.

Malan of · of Er of Michael of chairman of joint meeting of U.S. Army chief of staff is to answer of Chen Bingde of chief of the general staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army invite, lead 39 people delegacy to fly to China at 9 days of evening, visit by a definite date formally this 4 days.

Spot engage in a battle

Certain state borrows American force to solve Nanhai problem not actual

The press conference yesterday plans to have 45 minutes only formerly, extended the time of near one times finally. Chen Bingde and Malan elaborated respective footing around a few problems, also produced the engage in a battle on a few utterance in the process that elaborate.

Malan expresses, both sides undertook very cordial discussion with respect to Nanhai problem, bilateral central issue is " free voyage " problem, on this problem, we do not have different opinion.

Chen Bingde expresses, nanhai voyage freedom does not have any problems, because this United States thinks up a such viewpoints, it is excuse and operation merely actually just.

Chen Bingde says, we know some countries think have the aid of solves Nanhai problem at American force, this may be not actual. The thing between us, we the capable, form that wisdom accepts peace, diplomatic form, political form, can get appropriate is solved.

Sino-US two army reach at 5 o'clock consensus

A health, stable, reliable two army the main component that the relation is relation of Sino-US two countries, both sides will be made be helpful for two army the principle that the concern grows.

Two army will strengthen cooperation, in order to answer area and global safe challenge, devote oneself to to maintain the prosperity of Asia-Pacific area and stability jointly.


army high-level communication and dialog are very important, both sides agrees, chief of the general staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and couplet of U.S. Army ginseng meet a chairman will continue to pass word of straight electrify of Sino-US department of defense to maintain communicate.

Both sides will be strengthened two army the combination between act

s, enhance martial sea empty security, reduce a risk.

Both sides will continue designedly begins communication. The liberation army a military region commander this year the 3rd quarter visits headquarters of U.S. Army Pacific Ocean; Commander of headquarters of U.S. Army Pacific Ocean will be visited before annual bottom nowadays China.

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