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Kesasi city one 69 years old of men are on bad terms because of husband and wife, a person of extraordinary powers that is driven out of valence to be worth more than 1000000 dollars by the wife curtilage, half an year is become more hobo, can rely on keep the wolf from the door of neighbour give financial help to only.

According to the report, police station of the place that get a state expresses, between past half an year, police is received report a case to the security authorities and send a person to head for man bank favour (Sharafat Khan) and its wife Xia Na this (the domiciliary processing dispute of Shahnaz Khan) , accumulative total has 30 times about. Xianaci will divorce to forensic appeal this year in June, divorce lawsuit is tried by the court now in.

Because husband and wife is broken,close, brawl is ceaseless, xianaci of 61 years old will chase bank favour this year in March a door, total number of all door lock changes, ask police takes away him.

Police expresses, this is located in advanced uptown house, it is You Kanen’s husband and wife registers hold jointly, if bank favour wants to stay in oneself dooryard, police stops without influence block.

The report says, xianaci still is in doorway paste announcement, requirement neighbour does not offer food to give bank grace. She writes: If you want to have a thing to him, take him to your home. You also can ask him to go to your home. Everybody sympathizes with many thanks, but do not bring food to this real estate please.

Because bank favour has diabetic, high blood pressure, neighbour worries about his health bright red light, ever several degrees ca

ll an ambulance to send medical service him, but every time he still returns oneself dooryard.

Bank favour expressed when accepting a visit a few days ago: Besides the body very frail really besides, I am not bad.


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