9 years old female child 4 years of desert after marriage be conjugaled by arranged marriage and 78 years old of old people

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According to England ” daily Post ” will report on October 12, a girl of 9 years old of Kenya is forced to marry with 78 years old of old man of grandfather class. After marriage 4 years, this girl escapes smoothly.

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Eunice (go up graph) this year 13 years old, in Kenya mulberry cloth rash tribe is brought up. In she is 9 years old when, eunice’s father married her a man of 78 years old. After experiencing brutal female circumcision, eunice marries this man, become the 3rd his wife. After 4 years, in Sangbulu the help of girl fund falls, eunice escapes successfully.

The initiator of fund of Sang Bulu’s girl Yasefen (Josephine) says, this is not haphazard. Before, she once rescued herself year young two cousin. That year, my cousin of 10 years old undertook circumcision prepares to marry a person. I rescue her after coming, they play another my little sister of 7 years old wedding as the reserve. The reason is they had received the ox, marry a daughter to go casually.

Another when Yasefen objects old consuetudinary wear bead necklace on the neck of the girl namely. Before girl marriage, can pass buying and selling and agnate man of the same branch of a family. Bead is more, the price that

the girl is forced to be engaged in a gender trading is higher. Although difficulty is heavy, josephine still is full of a hope: If more children can go to school, tribe can be new picture.

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