Thalassic and petroliferous country defers oil field to safeguard 2016 oil price or go soft

Appear Chinese network coverage according to the road, personage of the message inside course of study says, manufacturing country is in thalassic oil to safeguard partial oil field the job to defer undertake to next year, in order to ensure high yield reduces cost, because they predict,oil price will go soft 2016.

The report says, oil field is affected as to what still unknown, these are height sensitive information.

Message personage says, this explains thalassic oil produces a country to be in strive as far as possible much real estate

is oily, after because they predict next year Iran,the sanction that face cancels, iranian general to supply superfluous market to export more crude oil, bring about oil price to go soft.

They tell a road to appear, suffer effect of low oil price, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (chief of a tribe of couplet of Saudi Arabia, A and Qatar are in OPEC) member country the blame of reorder oil field is necessary defend the work, former on this year the four seasons undertakes, defer now to 2016.

Additionally two message personages also express, the part that country of thalassic oil production deferred opposite to pr

oduce or operation security concern is not very big artesian well platform, wildcat and conduit respect defends a plan, but reject to disclose more detail.

A personage of the message inside course of study weighs thalassic area, petroliferous business is in gain profit more from inside current higher profit margin as far as possible, after they predict to be returned to to next year Iran, oil price will drop.

Iranian oil minister says Saturday, will be in December next time on OPEC conference, advice-note is other OPEC member country this country increases crude daily output 500 thousand pails plan.

These message personages say, defer is safeguarded also is a kind of method that controls expenditure, because defend the work,can involve normally retain firm of professional foreign country.


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