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Original title: Korea test-fire doubt is like missile to undertake Han Jun of armed strength demonstrate strengthens alert

" see east " Han Lian company: Government suspect is like shoot 4 short distance ballistic missile

Beautiful Han Zaijun performs Korea to shoot 4 play

Cannon-shot 200 kilometers above, han maintains condition of peninsula of high guard; to upgrade unlikely

Official of dispatch Korea department of defense will say the network austral Fujian 27 days on Feburary 28, korea launched 4 doubt to seem the flight thing of short distance missile to maritime space of Korea peninsula the eastpart part that day afternoon. This official says, local time 27 days afternoon 5 when 42 minutes (Beijing time afternoon 4 when 42 mi

nutes) case, korea from Jiang Yuan one af
ter another the flight matter that flagpole mountain took face northeast direction to blast off to be missile according to the letter. Han Fang is judged, these missile range are in 200 kilometers above. Occupy Han intermediary cite additionally the word report of a governmental message personage, the missile doubt that Korea launchs is like for " fleet-footed " ballistic missile.

Official of Korea department of defense says, the army already strengthened square to face surveillance, carry high be on the alert, come from face with be being answered at any time any square potential war actions.

This month 24 days, han beautiful two countries begins to hold code name " crucial make a decision " and " vulture " the joint military exercise. Government just fights Hanmei joint military exercise all the time, call its aggressive war maneuver, previous requirement general performs delay to meet to family member of face Han disperse after the activity ends, refuse by Han Fang.

Afp report, korea crosses short distance missile to test-fire of maritime space of Korea peninsula the eastpart part for many times in recent years, show the dissatisfaction that to Hanmei year army performs with this. Analyst of a few politics thinks, korea fires short distance missile this, what cause peninsula military affairs to confront each other unlikely is serious upgrade. (Xinhua News Agency)


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 Login register England of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian do 200 jins of women choose excellent program to jump is posture of steel tube dance lightsome (group plan) origin: ? ?2014-06-05 09:2 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdit

ion of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] hollow out of dress tall vent in the sid
es of a garment connects ability of dance of steel tube of body skirt old show, posture is lightsome movement also very reach the designated position.

Nowadays, jump the patent that steel tube dance has been slender young woman only no longer. According to coverage of American Chinese network, excellent program is chosen to go up in first gear, emma of the person that come from 27 years old of of England female dance (EmmaHaslam) uses up body to have 100 kilograms again, she still is wearing hollow out of tall vent in the sides of a garment to connect ability of dance of steel tube of body skirt old show, posture is lightsome movement also very reach the designated position, draw evaluation people strike the table and shout bravo.

200 jins of women jump steel tube dance

The action is quick

The movement also applies tall difficulty freely

Express feeling character

In the show, rotate, she behaves the difficult pose such as handstand freely, still can tick off write steel tube handstand to break off a leg, place sexy attitude as steps, the movement reachs the designated position Jing colourful full-court.

The self-confidence of Emma stagewise is behaved, let evaluate people exclamation again and again: "I no matter your figure, what you jump is too marvellous! " the Emma that shows ego through TV screen says, "I hope everybody sees, I also have the thing that I am good at! I also have the thing that I am good at!!

A match controller expresses, emma's experience proves dancing has nothing to do with the figure, need to build what measure in body core force to apply however, can through carrying the leg props up a body.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] according to American news website on August 29 message, because a when American Kentucky jasmine belongs to prefectural detention house male convict eats off jail friend to had immersed beautiful sanded ketone (medical effect is similar herion) briefs and die. This message once exposure, immediately causes heat to discuss.

It is reported, this convict is called the Maikekerui in the division, this year 33 years old. The briefs that he eats off comes from be the same as the Michael Er in a prison house with him Jones.

As we have learned, before the accident before long, michael Er of 55 years old by concessionary go out atten

d a funeral. After walking out of a jail, michael Er thinks method carries water of add of a few beautiful sanded ketone, the dress after immersing oneself briefs answered a jail. Subsequently, he rips briefs small, him deal out jail is friendly people enjoy, include among them in the division. This action before long by jail alarm discover and try to check.


to feel uncomfortable after eating off briefs in the division however, but he dare not show an account to police, just complain oneself may fall ill. Police immediately looks for a doctor to be checked for him, arranged a prison house alone for its. Be being moved into prison house however the following day, in the division abrupt however cruel kill.

Current, michael Er has been accused to murder by police in the division. This case still is in further investigation.

(Original title: Beautiful convict eats jail friend to had immersed after drugs briefs cruel kill)

 Gainer of Nobel peace prize was horse of girl of 17 years old of Pakistan to pull 2014

 Indonesian in death toll of incident of coast of Java hill body is added to 20 people


 Air temperature of the coldest city amounts to the United States

In report will occupy new network on August 8 outside intermediary report, local time on August 8, after the military goverment that experienced two many months is regnant, the national legislation parliament of Thailand army

dominant held first time meeting, on the road that tries to let the whole nation return democratic election gradually.

The national parliament that 197 members comprise will appoint transfer governmental

prime minister, the premier will be in later election cabinet member. This is after the army will overthrow government and parliament on May 22, first time of national legislation parliament holds the meeting in Bangkok.

In this conference, the assemblyman that exceeds an in part comes from Thailand army.

On congress, assemblyman is consistent ballot Hafo graduates before Pornpetch Wichitcholchai of supreme court dean holds the position of conference chairman.

Arrive before the public opinion poll 2015, army officer will continue to retain the control to legislative.

(Original title: Conference of congress of first time of dominant of Thailand military goverment elects parliamentary chairman)

 East Africa drought causes refugee tide to rape common occurance of staking epidemic disease

 爱上海贵族宝贝自荐shlf1314Project of Japan's strong secret of bird reef dock or break down but on berth 1000 boats


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