Parents of the accused of case of kidnap of student studying abroad is saved child the heart is cut lose a family fortune engage in a lawsuit

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In report will occupy new network on November 8 the United States ” live abroad signs up for ” report, the student studying abroad kidnaps the father of Zhang Xinlei of case the accused accepts the interviewing of media 28 days eventually, spat the bitter water of own skinful, the lawsuit that says a son has let him lose a family fortune, to scoop up the son at an early date from inside jail, old two house property that had sold China, will pay the retaining fee of 200 thousa

nd dollar.

Because of taking a shears be accused the Zhang Xinlei of cruel torture blame feels to subdue, insist to want to hit lawsuit after all so. (the United States ” live abroad signs up for ” / Gao Rui is photographed)

Zhang Xinlei’s parents although from March open a court session arrives every time up to now front courtyard audit, but husband and wife two to evasive media. 28 day often breaks rules twice to greet sb actively outside the court with media first. Zhang Fu heaves a sigh, the son’s lawsuit has let them lose a family fortune, old two had sold the house property of Chinese Shenzhen to help a son, in order to pay the retaining fee of 200 thousand dollar, be equivalent to 1.27 million RMB.

Zhang Fu expresses, they do not have money to live for a long time in the United States the lawsuit that hotel handles prolonged, so every time front courtyard careful ends, husband and wife two have to answer China to continue to go to work rapidly, next time open a court session hurrieds back again the United States, such doing is for be economical, 2 it is to keep the job, so that collect gives more money,engage in a lawsuit for the son. He has asked other big lawyer, 100 thousand 50 thousand have, do not know why my lawyer should close 200 thousand.

Do not have method, come American virgin soil is not ripe, the thing of ask for help, how much does the family want you are gotten, be bungled namely sell iron to also must be held out.

Counsel for the defence says, zhang Xinlei is in this case is to take a shears only, did not participate in dozen of person, so his lawsuit at most namely minor offence of a year. But according to a day of calculates two days view in the prison, from this year put in prison will arrive on March 31 now, xin Lei had been the chapter to stay one year in jail 2 months. So, zhang Fu thinks to had exceeded a year of firm punishment of minor offence, admit one’s guilt already no point, be inferior to hitting this lawsuit.

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