5 millionaire total assets exceeds Korea about 200 billion yuan Korea 2014 GDP (graph)

Login register Korea of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does 5 millionaire total assets exceed Korea about 200 billion yuan 2014 GDP (graph) origin: ? Be not Nao?2015-12-07 11:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

According to Han Lian the company will report on December 7, before Korea is ranked 5 plute property amou

nt is 40 trillion Han yuan (add up to a RMB about 200 billion yuan) , exceed Korea 2014 gross domestic product (GDP) .

SamSung chairman Li Jianxi

According to index of Peng Bo billionaire 7 days of statistic, end on December 3, of before be being squeezed into a list of names posted up of world rich and powerful people 400 Korean have SamSung chairman Li Jianxi (81) , xu Qingpei of chairman of love jasmine Pacific Ocean (139) , samSung electron vice-chairman plum be in (179) , dream of Zheng of contemporary group chairman 9 (309) with source of Cui Tai of SK group chairman (367) 5 plute.

According to statistic, all sorts of belongings such as cash of 5 people stock add up add up to 36.4 billion dollar (40 trillion Han Yuan) , show according to data of Korea statistic office, GDP was Korea 2014 3.3 billion Han Yuan, in addition, 2.7% total value of 5 people property is Korea GDP.

Belongings of Korea head rich Li Jianxi is 13 trillion Han yuan, be equivalent to can purchasing value 450 million farad benefit racing bike of Han Yuan 30 thousand, can give adult of 250 million United States everybody buy gigantic without bully hamburger.

On the other hand, microsoft author builds the total assets of Ci to reach 83.4 billion dollar than Er, usurp place of first place of a list of names posted up of global plute a list of names posted up, spanish clothing is retail the father Oman of brand ZARA Aoaotejia ranks with 76.2 billion dollar on the west 2, ever since ordinal it is Baikexier – control of company of haing Sa Wei Menwolunbafeite (62.3 billion dollar) , Yamaxun. (exercitation reporter Wei Yue)

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