Official of Japanese female cabinet does obeisance to a god to see a doctor ” beautiful public money ” your cabinet faces pressure

Corrupt, it is corrupt! Latter, corrupt problem is like cuss of a demon, as ministerial as Japan from beginning to end very closely associated with each other, cause domino effect for many times. Recently, japanese media discloses the corrupt problem of important official of two females in installing times cabinet again.

8 days of reports say Japanese media, be censured to extend the Okinawa north that contains him photograph calendar takes on chancellery island Kao installs Yi Zi, appear again disobey the general suspicion that pick a way. Insular Kao capital manages transaction of team income and expenses to show, mixed 2011 2012 on January 1, insular Kao with name of at public expense, paid 20 thousand yen to organized body of a mind inside the electorate (add up to a RMB about 1000 yuan) burning incense money. Additional, insular Kao holds the position of a delegate from area of election of senator of county of civilian party Okinawa the transaction of income and expenses of the 2nd branch also shows, there was pay on January 1, 2013.

The report still is disclosed, insular Kao installs Yi Zi to having deep black person arteries and veins, play turn black and white two. Local newspaper reporter confirms the hearsay says: Insular Kao minister is elected at first for Naha aldermanic it is to was controlled 2004, hold the position of violent group at that time east the subordinate that sound meets organizes those who lead A to love. A of many years old 60 is raising money for insular Kao chancellery now election capital. Help her be the same as pull wires of praedial big company, introduce a sponsor for its. He is the sauce that install Yi to chancellery of Kao of affectionately appellation island very.

It is insular Kao installs Yi Zi not merely, bolus of minister of environment of another female member of the cabinet plain bead generation also appeared doubtful issue. Bolus plain holds the position of a delegate from civilian party Tokyo the report of income and expenses of the 4th branch shows senatorial electorate, in December 2013, bolus plain thes capital of a country eastwards with org

anizing countermeasure to expend name inside the health that a clinic paid 11403 yen diagnoses cost. Of rich of the coerce on professor of college of Japanese Kobe college think, original health diagnoses cost this kind should the thing that oneself pay, if using political fund, be to have really violate common sense.

Besides the two gold flower that brings times cabinet, once was exploded to steal briefs revive chancellery Gao Muyi also not disappear stops, take the money do favors at no great cost to oneself of the pubic. ” Tokyo news ” the report will say on November 7, gao Mu holds the position of a delegate from civilian Party branch and fund management group, 8 people that waited for election area to city of congratulate of this county honest to 2013 2011 pay burning incense money 184 thousand yen.

On 2CH of Japanese famous forum, the netizen says to install times cabinet angrily is genuine guilty cabinet. Actually, want check of in a way to bring the accident cabinet official when be in office twice times only, can discover that is a longer list. Installed times first time to be in office 2006 establish cabinet. In those days on December 27, administrative reform allows to take on when Xuan Yilang of chancellery assist cropland because abdication of take the blame of political capital scandal. On May 28, 2007, benefit of loose ridge of chancellery of aricultural aquatic product allows to because of,be gotten the better of when commit suicide of hang oneself of political capital scandal; On July 5, de Yan of city of bare of chancellery of aricultural aquatic product allows to explode when a political capital scandal; On August 21, ministerial official house assumes when magisterial salt Qi respectful long explode a political capital scandal; On August 25, jian Yiwei of general affairs chancellery allows to explo

de when a political capital scandal; On September 3, fierce of far cane of chancellery of aricultural aquatic product allows to because political capital problem submits resignation,a man of virtual and ability when; On September 5, below environmental minister duck one man allows to explode when give politics to display golden scandal; On September 6, if Lin Zhengjun explodes,chancellery of aricultural aquatic product holds the post of when the scandal that display gold; On September 8, general affairs chancellery allows to add Tian Kuan to admit politics displays Jin Shen newspaper to violate when plan is sketchy calculate, how is there 9 cabinets official to involve corrupt issue early or late unexpectedly when times first time is in office.

The 2nd form a cabinet, relevant record by refresh. On October 5, japan ” bare banner ” explode piece, the chairman before Japanese dentistry doctor is met displays Jin Mou to take illegal profit because of politics of Xiang Zimin party, had been arrested by police. 2013, japanese dentistry doctor meets what Xiang Zimin party carried 100 million yen display gold. Among them, bring times advance with Japanese premier the 3 cabinet official that head people, accepted in succession display gold.

Gold is displayed in politics before, install times cabinet to fall into enemy hands entirely almost. Premier is installed times, deputy prime minister room of Ma Shengtai man, official is magisterial strategy of hero of article of cropland of bank of chancellery of Jian Yiwei, foreign affairs, country takes on chancellery stone is defeated luxuriant, Qi of salt of secretary of deep unripe labor respectful secretary of long, state is far cane, the insular Kao that adds this installs Yi Zi, bolus plain bead generation and Gao Muyi, how after be in office the 2nd times, times have 16 cabinet official to be immersed in scandal, hold sum total 7 into above.

Although public opinion pressure is not little, but be in Japan, because of corrupt scandal nonofficeholding premier is not much. Because once rise to legal level, can turn political power into the fight, the political party that its are in can pass all sorts of means and channel to fall the influence lowest, lose Che Baoshuai even when necessary in order to ensure political parties and groups reachs group profit. [round-the-world times is stationed in Jiang Feng of reporter of Japanese engage by special arrangement]


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