Abstruse Bama acceptance aids a law to arrest fear raiding Beijing of prime criminal general to emphasize be being answered in coordination

China News Service installs Daliya on November 15 report (reporter Shen Chen) 20 countries group (G20) peak is met in Turkey seaside small town Andaliya will pull open heavy curtain on November 15, because suffer horror of series of 13 days of Paris to assault the influence of incident, blow is terroristic the popular topic that becomes this peak to meet, aobama and general Beijing talked about respective view with respect to this one topic early or late.

Aobama expresses, the United States will unite together with French people, help France arrests this series horror to assault the prime criminal of incident, their try sb.

Aobama is do after meeting with Turkey president Aierduoan afore-mentioned denotive, he is special still the horrible explosion event that before mentioning Turkey, produces before long. Aobama says: Those who use a kind of twist is ideological, undertake massacre to innocent life. This is the assault to France not merely, just do not make a surprise attack to Osmanli, it is the assault of pair of whole and civilized worlds.

Aobama expresses, the United States will increase Mohammedan to extreme organization country (the blow strength of IS) , do one’s best solves Syrian problem as early as possible, eradicate create extremely terroristic soil.

Aobama points out, turkey is American blow organizes Mohammedan country e

xtremely (the powerful associate of IS) . He says: The communication between I and Aierduoan’s president special conduce to us the cooperation hencefor

th. We accuse the canal that enhances Syria and Turkey border land further, increase the strength that hits IS.

General Beijing also emphasizes be being answered in coordination terroristic. He says: Only whole world each country cooperates hand in hand, just solve the problem of terroristic menace likely, rescue by tens of thousands homeless refugee.

Tusike of chairman of Council of Europe appeals 20 countries group leader can reveal a complete determination to answer terroristic, emphasize cut off the economic origin of terroristic force through cooperative way.

Turkey president Aierduoan anticipates the chairman country that this G20 peak meets this summit meeting will be aimed at blow terroristic publish an expression strong to state.

Aierduoan says: The whole world is faced with terroristic menace, we can undertake key discussion with respect to the topic with terroristic international. Of course, we still can be in what other content has inside the schedule limits that decides formerly to communicate with communication. (Be over)


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