Does male arms of U.S. Army submarine form a delegation to pat female comrade-in-arms bathing: secretly? Da?0 month

The United States ” naval times ” will publish a problem to be on December 8 ” the member that male mariner takes female a light boat secretly for many times is in bathhouse disrobe ” the report says, the relationship of the crew on submarine is very close, so that they are regarded as a family. This one view makes Huai Eming date ballistic male mariner is illegal on missile submarine patted be related to draw on marijuana secretly irritated.

Be in what this submarine happens to take episode secretly is not one-time, also not be a mischief. Encroach it is pair of privacy right again and again. In these incident, a of submarine of Huai Eming date male mariner uses mobile phone or IPod Touch (this different thing is those who prohibit taking submarine) disrobe of the member that take female a light boat secretly, other male mariner is in stand sentry aside.

A mariner admits, the member that have female a light boat every time enters female shower room, he and another male mariner can run over hastily secretly kinescope. He says, in female a light boat member by a definite date of 3 months during patrolling, every time she goes bathing, they can be patted secretly, sometimes a day of number second.

The report says, come from the companion’s pressure, make what this small gang on submarine of Huai Eming date held to 10 months long, female to the much name that enlists in army together with them everyday a light boat member undertake stealing patting, share video with other male mariner. The new detail of this case comes from the new investigation at a commander. Supreme commander weighs this submarine to take episode secretly is pair of trustful destruction. ” naval times ” it is to pass ” information freedom way ” obtain investigation information.

The report says, this scandal makes submarine army is mixed a few because become a member that approve female a light boat and the vanward officer that created the history feels stunned. One of first officer that win dolphin bosom order told 2012 ” naval times ” reporter, she cannot believe her comrade-in-arms is betrayed with this kind of means.

Ceng Zaimian because date enlists in army on ballistic missile submarine, second lieutenant says the Zhennifukaluoer that never has been patted secretly by that group of person on submarine of Huai Eming date: Conceive this job that Russia produces on bright date submarine, to me character, it is astonishing incident. She says: From the point of my experience, I cannot understand this matter completely. I am unthinkable really our mariner (meeting) do in that way business to me.

The report provided the member that how to pass a hole between fender to take female a light boat secretly with the mobile phone about this group of person, long and undiscovered detail that shares video a

few months with someone else next.

The report says, the investigation personnel of the 20 submarine squadron of bay of city Jin Si interviewed bureau of admiralty criminal investigation and quarter at Zun Zhiya 300 much people, include to come from the statement of 12 primitive suspects.

These interview us to depict give a such setting: A few mariner are eager to peeking the damsel in forbidden zone, because fear to destroy the relationship between mariner,10 more than person did not inform against them is.

The report says, the mariner that knows these video in 12 (have those who film,

have transmission, have stand sentry, still have those who had heard of these people) in the center, 8 people got the military affairs tries (among them one person by acquittal) , 3 people are not judicatory punishment, 1 person did not get any accusation and be released.


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