One high school teacher of American assigns Mohammedan task exasperate parent sends suspend class

Round-the-world net reports integratedly according to the United States ” Washington Post ” will report on December 19, the United States nots teacher of a high school gave auspicious Ni Yazhou the Mohammedan work that the student assigns recently, cause the outcry of student parent, cause entire county school to shut suspend class.

According to the report, the United States nots auspicious Ni Yazhou the geographical teacher of high school of prefectural river source thanks Aogusida calligraphy of Arabia of copy of student of requirement of Li Erla baud, draw up character of Mohammedan belief Islamic (Sa hada) , the meaning of this phrase is not for everythings on earth advocate, only Allah; Mohammed, give priority to emissary. This exercise immediately causes the outcry of many parents.

The parent points out, their child changes prevail on of purpose of this kind of exercis

e the letter is Mohammedan. This high school gets the phone that comes from the whole nation and mail ceaselessly subsequently, if minatory school is not fired pull baud, be about to nail her head on stake. Local time 18 days, aogusida is complete prefectural suspend class a day, in order to avoid the violent risk of likelihood happening.

Aogusida Fischer of police chief Randy says the county, after the president and decision of school board of d

irectors close the school, pulled baud to get the mail with increasing biting and harsh one’s words. These mail censure she and school, professor student concerns Mohammedan content, also the picture that somebody gave president Ailikebangde to send chop of the head. Bond is written in press release, the school never asks the student is translated or recite this word, do not have requirement student to act according to its more for individual belief. Bond points out, the student also has done similar calligraphy to practice.

Yi Bo of spokesman of commission of American Mohammedan impact pulls Xin Huobai to say, to Aogusida at present prefectural controversy is American combats Moslem bias hysterically, this kind of controversy results from everybody is mixed to Moslem and Mohammedan inflexible impression bias. Huo Bai complements, aogusida’s course is reasonable. Sa hada is Mohammedan belief is enunciative, it is Mohammedan foundation. Do not learn Sa hada, cannot understand Mohammedan.

(original title: Teacher of beautiful high school assigns Mohammedan task exasperate parent sends school suspend class)


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