Victim of Han Weian Fu is malcontent ” install times apology ” it is by other era is read (graph)

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However, korea fall victim comforts consultation of countermeasure of issue of group of straighten one’s back of group of the support that install Fu condemns Han day two countries 28 days to comfort however the problem that install Fu comes to an agreement is disappoint fall victim comfort the diplomatic collude that installs Fu and Korea people great expectations.

Data chart: Install times

Before building of office of department of trade of the transportation outside the Korea that held a talk in Han day minister of foreign affairs that day, the in an endless stream of Korea citizen group that comes round to protest demonstrate. Consultation of countermeasure of issue of group of straighten one’s back publishs written statement to point out, although Japanese government expresses to install Fu problem to have responsibility to comforting, but the agreement did not include experience to comfort the crime that install Fu is the has constituent crime relevant content that commits by Japan

ese government and army, pointing to bright Japan government is guilty main body, an Beijin should represent Japanese government personally 3 times to apologize, but apologetic form stops to be read at taking the place of by other only, apologetic object is too ambiguous also.

The Korea fall victim that is 88 years old comforts Li Rongzhu of the old person that install Fu held a press conference to express that day, do not accept the agreement that Han day government reachs completely. Li Rongzhu emphasizes fall victim old people all the time what loudly appeal to the public wants is Japanese government is compensated for lawfully, is not alleged the compensation that uses Xiaohui slightly. Because be short of Qian Cai,we are not such, she says to media: Since committed a crime, with respect to this formal to crime compensation.

Consultation of countermeasure of issue of group of straighten one’s back returns criticism to say, korea government fulfils an agreement to be premise with Japan, affirm comfort the problem that install Fu gets final, not reversible solve, girl of the peace before acceptance tries to solve Japan to be stationed in Han diplomatic mission resembles a question, avoid to be condemned each other socially in international, this is the abasement diplomacy of try to save a little but lose a lot.

Korea ” international daily ” say, in comfort the Han Ri on problem of bronze of the girl that install Fu is be strange bedf

ellows. Yin Bing world expresses 28 days on the press conference, the girl before Korea government realises diplomatic mission of the Japan that be stationed in Han is quiet like what give diplomatic mission cause an effect with dignity, have effort and relevant group negotiation.

The comment when direct seeding of Korea YTN TV station says, the eclectic space that reflects in the agreement still can let Japanese government be in internally on administrative levels, evasive comfort the liability issue that brings Fu. And inside scan widely Japan, bring Fu issue to comforting, the public opinion investigation that Japanese media will have to 27 days on December 25 shows, the answer is done not have necessary the person that makes concession still a lot of. Report of 28 days says net of day classics Chinese, install times cabinet proponent and from civilian party proponent in, the person answer that has 61% is done not have necessary make concession. Although be opposite,install times devoting oneself to to improve day of Han Guan is to give active pricer, the person answer that also has 22% only is necessary to make concession, and the answer is done not have necessary do those who give concession to occupy 55% .

Japanese NHK TV station praises day Han comes to an agreement 28 days is to advance help heal to comfort the career of bruise of the heart that install Fu. Comment of Japanese TV station says, come to an agreement this can regard day of Han Shuangfang as to surpass mutual and respective footing, adjacent gain. The report admits at the same time, in this Han Rihe solution, the United States had decisive intermediary effect. ” Japanese economy news ” say 28 days, china will look attentively at this morrow Han to come to an agreement to be opposite to Korea China the effect that policy causes.

[round-the-world times is stationed in reporter of engage by special arrangement of specially appointed of Korea, Japan 10 thousand Yu Laya songs are round-the-world times reporter Bai Yunyi is white every day Feng Guochuan Lin Feng]

(Original title: Comfort dissatisfaction of the victim that install Fu installs times apology is by other era is read)

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