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Original title: Japan is rolled out " shopping section " attract foreigner China tourist to give priority to body

According to Japan new overseas Chinese signs up for network coverage, go to day of consumption to attract tourist of more foreign country, pull move Japanese economy growth, recently, japanese sightseeing hall travels hand in hand relevant group face is rolled out to foreign tourist " activity of Japanese shopping section " . Went to total expenditure of tourist of day foreign country 2012 1.08 million yen (add up to) of sixty billion nine hundred and sixty-two million yuan of RMBs about, relatively the year before last year grows 34% , 1/4 what the expenditure of chinese mainland tourist holds total expenditure. Predict, ch

inese tourist will become Japan to hold shopping section to draw the principal part of foreign tourist.

On November 19, the organization announces related Japanese travel, will roll out " Japanese shopping section " activity, the face publicizes Japanese shopping glamour to foreign tourist. Japanese sightseeing hall is magisterial long protected an adult to also attend a news briefing.

Went to day of chinese mainland tourist to be consumed in day 2012 (include to shop, food and accommodation) amount reachs 268.8 billion yen (add up to) of sixteen billion three hundred and seventy-four million yuan of RMB about, first w

hat occupy each country and area. Chinese mainland tourist is successive 3 years of head the list.

Japanese travel and retail trade group will come from December 1, 2013 in Feburary 2014, 9 wait in Tokyo, Osaka, Fu Gang government office county makes an appointment with 200 places to conduct this activity in all, attract foreign tourist.

"Japanese shopping section " the activity is mixed by Japanese sightseeing hall Japan's biggest travel company establishs " society of Japanese shopping travel " sponsor. The general merchandise inn that the city such as Tokyo, Osaka and blessing ridge encircles and shopping centers will enter an activity. (Gui Ling of Guo of Chinese news network)

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 A running fire of paschal island area two shallow source earthquakes are the biggest magnitude 6.1 class

 Login register volcano of Yue Shan of drive of Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to erupt does militia go to the spot to come to help (graph) origin: ? ?2014-09-28 10:0 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ ch

annel [summary] armed escort of out of 3 instructions group participates in premier An Beijin come to help, expedite ground armed forces and helicopter.

In new network report is comprehensive on September 28 Japanese media message, control 27 days midday local time, be located in Japan to grow wild mound with Qi the drive Yue Shan of two counties boundary produces volcano to erupt. Armed escort of out of 3 instructions group participates in premier An Beijin come to help.

Japanese government immediately holds the countermeasure meeting that by premier and collectivity cabinet official attends in premier official mansions, affirm by the relevant mechanism such as police, fireman, militia composition comes to help team, help the policy that provide disaster relief.

Local time 28 days of mornings 6 when 36 minutes or so, erupt from what Mu Cengding of long wild county films picture.

Install times pairs of media to express, had indicated the security that ascends personnel to ensure, go all lengths come to help. Magisterial Jian Yiwei represents government-owned house, mountaineer personnel has pulled out in order, but still partial personnel is in near the summit, have even get hurt personnel. Defensive chancellery river crosses acute hearing heart to say, had expedited the ground armed forces of militia and helicopter to stricken be hit by a natural adversity area.

NHK releases an information, local time 28 days in the morning, the plane of militia rescues 3 people around summit of hill of drive high mountain, and have 20 much person is successful and downhill. Police discloses, share 7 people at present insensible, 42 people are injured.

The information that Japanese weather office releases shows, up to local time 28 days of mornings 8 when 45 minutes, hill of drive high mountain still is continueing to erupt, ejective eruption height amounts to 500 meters. In addition, the elephant of volcanic gush rise to power and position that appears before 27 days erupt still is continueing now, the boat of NHK pats a picture to show, several crater of slope of the skew austral the summit still are erupting.

Weather office expresses, henceforth near crater next megalith still fall likely inside the limits of 4 kilometers, be necessary to strengthen alert. And suffer wind- driven effect, gravelstone head may be blown to circumjacent and farther place, for careful for the purpose of, circumjacent area also should strengthen alert.

Hill of drive high mountain is to be located in long wild mound with Qi the volcano of two counties boundary, altitude 3067 meters. This volcano is 35 years ago, was 1979 namely south sword sharp edge the volcano that slope ever also had produced medium dimensions erupts, the crop that brings about the foot of a mountain is stricken be hit by a natural adversity because of be being encloth

ed by eruption. This is explicit 7 years ago, namely also ever those who cross dinky dimensions erupt 2007.

(Original title: Japanese militia goes to volcanic spot to come to help erupt the activity still continues (graph) )

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

Japan seizes insular maneuver to begin actual combat address to be in in unmanned island now deer near the island

 Afghan north protects armed escort to be sent by attack of suicidal type explosion about 1 dead 3 injuries

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 Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject repo

, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

[Summary] code name " anonymous person " hacker organization alleges 6 days they atttacked the United States to execute the law about 70 times the website of the orgnaization, it is a place for the most part among them of one class execute the law orgnaization.

Code name " anonymous person " hacker organization alleges 6 days they atttacked the United States to execute the law about 70 times the website of the orgnaization, it is a place for the most part among them of one class execute the law orgnaization.

Organization of hacker of this one international is day publish the includes email inside data that comes secretly from these orgnaizations go up in the network, they claim gross from them over there filch several with one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight byte plan data.

Arkansas Dimumeifeierde represents the police chief of a small town, the data of a few cases in be being investigated has been announced to be on the network.

Here media coverage says, the mail that divulge basically comes from Arkansas, Kensasi the office of a few police chieves that city, Missouri, close cc compares city and Louisiana city and other


The report of associated press points out, official of

a few police station is the thing that is informed data have things stolen in the after covering a telephone call gift that receives associated press.

"Anonymous person " hacker organization expresses in a statement, of a large number of confidential information divulge the polices that are sure to let American each district face all is broken, hope to announce with this execute the law the internal corruption that the orgnaization exists is substaintial, their communication reachs broken annulus threaten the ability of community.

This organization alleges the purpose of these actions is for retaliation.

The last ten-day of a month in this year July, beautiful limits of Ceng Zaiquan of FBI secret service is a few more inherent raid is carried out to act in the home of the member that be organized for this by doubt, meanwhile, british police also arrested this groups of a few member that weave.

With the month also the report points out, this orgnaization inbreaks north makes an appointment with constituent website and filch mass data.

Humble of Michael of company of American network security releases hacker findings report 2 days to say, the company discovered an extensive network atttacks the action, action time is as long as 5 years, hacker attack involves the whole world the computer network of 72 governments orgnaization and big company. The report says, as a result of the information of the range of attack, intensity and place experience, michael humble thinks " national action body " the organizer that may be attack activity. After the report is published, the west a few scholars and media point to spearhead China and Russia.

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Sinuodeng publishs demonstrate of outgiving appeal people to object the United States monitoring

In report will occupy new network on November 1 report

of dispatches from foreign news agency, sinuodeng's lawyer weighs the employee before bureau of the affection in the United States 1 day, before Sinuodeng won't leave Russia, past Germany monitors case attest, but he can be in Russia churchyard attest.

Lawyer Kuqilina says, sinuodeng won't go to Germany, this is impossible, because he does not have influence,span Russia border land. But he says, inside the frame of international agreement, it is OK that Si Nuo is ascended in Russia attest, but this should be decided by German authorities.

Media coverage said a few days ago, american country is installed the bureau is right the mobile phone of German premier Mokeer undertook listening. German respect plans to invite Sinuodeng to monitor the witness of the case as Mokeer.

Sinuodeng applied Telebeile 1 day to have meeting in Moscow and German assemblyman, ask latter Xiang Deguo federally, confederative parliament and pass on of confederative total procuratorate are believed. Letter content will be announced 1 day local time.

Shitelebeile and Sinuodeng basically discussed to be in in branch of information of heart investigation United States heart information activity (include to monitor Mokeer) when, si Nuo ascends the condition of attest. Germany is gone to before this assemblyman was told about to Sinuodeng and be not turned over real possibility of the United


 上海千花网坊Japan from civilian party 3 assemblyman touch Korea to be about to visit gloomy hill island to be entered a country by refus


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