University of sweat of Pakistan handkerchief summer fears raiding send 21 people lamentation of dead whole area

The message occupied Beijing of center extensive network on January 22 Chinese sound ” news freely ” report, up to now, the horrible assault event that in the

handkerchief summer of Pakistan northwest ministry sweat university produces has caused 21 people to die. Yesterday, pakistan whole area held lamentation for the victim, all country orgnaization falls half-mast indicates mourning. Cling to premier Xielifu expresses to condemn to fearing raiding, emphasize at the same time, do not have any religious belief to assault the person of the target with innocent student and people, cling to the government can keep clear of his certainly.

After assault happening, aomaermansuer announces commander of class of Pakistan tower benefit is they launched assault. And Pakistan security personnel expresses, had obtained a breakthrough to the investigation of charger identity, among them a charger ever received the telephone call that heard to come from Afghanistan, th

is provided effective help to the Maecenas of fish charger backside and proponent.

(original title: University of sweat of Pakistan handkerchief summer fears raiding 21 people dead whole area is mourned)


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