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How does American land announce 1 day entirely, yapiersen handed over the Li of Zhu of section chief of secret service department that is in charge of defending safety of the White House that day resignation letter, how did land grow Johnson to approve her request entirely. Pearson is place of American secret service holds water nearly 150 years to come chief female section chief, the life area that enter the White House because of failing to prevent a veteran and approachs presidential Aobama successfully and be criticized extensively.

Late on September 19, aobama carries the first family to leave the White House to head for Davy battalion, the number after he leaves minute, rhys of veteran ridge Sa carries fold knife to cross crawl of the White House to enter lawn, the gate that breaks through boreal lanai enters area of core of the White House. After its exposure, because secret service place guards not do one's best of the White House to face tremendous society pressure.

Johnson was announcing to while Pearson resigns, express t

hat day, yaosefukelanxi of the director before appointing secret serv
ice to be in a president to protect a ministry is in for secret service temporarily section chief, meiaokasi of undersecretary of ministry of assign land safety assists next dialogue palace to enter incident to have full-scale investigation in this total counsel, findings report is submitted before November 1, land safety ministry still will establish an investigation group that forms by independent expert, undertake becoming independent assessment into incident to white Gong Chuang, submit the proposal that enhances security of the White House.

The month on the White House is entered 3 times by person arrogate to oneself, among them twice be apart is less than 24 hours. Up to date information shows, rhys of Sa of ridge of the person that enter for a time special stand by Aobama life division, still enter Aobama to often publish what speak and hold a party east hall, he is final by not worth at that time the secret service of transient here seizes class, just right, secret service place reveals a tremendous security flaw from this. Many congressman appeal even recently Pearson resigns, the average per capita such as Lynch of representative of the Democratic Party, Collins expresses to feel extremely disappointed to secret service place, pearson can resign actively only, perhaps be fried by Aobama squid.

Execute the law as the United States the elite of the team, secret service is in scandal is ceaseless in recent years, someone left 8 guns repeatedly to the White House 2011 but secret service place was not aware of in time, secret service is collective when Aobama visits Colombia 2012 prostitute is enrolled in place, 3 secret service exposed to the sun in Holand 2013 an excessive drinking scandal. (Reporter Zhang Wei like that)

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Install times clear benefit head exposes to the sun how times suffer from on insomnious disease every night enters Mian with brandy... [阅读全文] 栏目:一品香


[round-the-world net reports integratedly] according to now Russia news network on September 1 message, du Nie Ci overcomes airport building to produce fire, because airport entrance is in cloth to have mine, because this will bring serious effect.

There is a message to say before this, du Nie Ci overcomes the airport to be armed to surround by folk, but at present this airport still is overcome by black orchid governmental army palm accuses. According to folk armed delegate says, this airport building produces fire to will bring serious effect, because be in the

airport,entry point c
loth has radio pilot mine.

Say according to message of new Russia news agency, still do not understand the situation inside the airport at present. There is a message to say before this, in the war that contends for the airport, innocent dweller dies.

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Whereaboutldirection of ship of staking China female tourist unidentified or change Sha Ba to terrestrial draw close the shore... [阅读全文] 栏目:上海龙凤后花园


Vietnam protest says China promotes an island to build airstrip to violate its sovereignty in Xi Shayong... [阅读全文] 栏目:佛山沐足网站


Reference news net will report Han intermediary says on October 13, the aunt of Korea leader Jin Zhengen appears once more in 12 days of newsreel in rebroadcast of national TV station, make the outside believes more, although her husband already was execute

d, but she was not eliminated to be besides circle of Korea elite influence.

According to Han Lian the company will report on October 12, be Jin Jingji of 68 years old is leader of the aunt that Korea currently holds the post ofleader Jin Zhengen, deceased Korea the little sister of Jin Zheng day. Since its husband Zhang Chengze will be executed because of high treason last year in December, jin Jingji appears not publicly all the time.

Jin Jingji appears on TV last time will be on April 29, korea CCTV is broadcasting at that time a newsreel that promotes Korea sports enterprise hard about Jin Zhengen. In newsreel, jin Jingji stands in Jin Zhengen beside, accompany inspect a football ground.

Korea CCTV 12 days of rebroadcast this newsreel.

The camera lens of all Jin Jingji is replaced in a newsreel that Korea CCTV ever will broadcast on April 15, cause the outside to guess she already was eliminated to be besides influence circle.

Korea often carries the scene that deletes certain and senior official to appear, will allude these officials already by clean up.

According to the letter, the Jin Jingji that ever held the post of committee memb

er of the Political Bureau of Korea labor the Party Central Committee already because of healthy reason, resigned official post.

According to personage of know the inside story some earlier this month moment discloses, heart specialist of United States of descendants of a Han already at going up lunar base arrives at smooth soil to be treated for Jin Jingji. This causes the outside to guess, she or already illness danger is serious.

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Japan flies to Beijing into cropland airport effluvial plane shows to return to base in airliner road descend... [阅读全文] 栏目:广州东莞深圳桑拿


Login register Jin Zhengen of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian exposing to the sun still is the palm accusing injury of leg of top authority doubt to did not arrive does sun palace pay homage to origin: ?  Zhun is not Ting?2014-10-10 08:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] wait for a problem to Jin Zhengen track, day of Li Dong of alternate of Korea permanent U.N. rejects to respond to a reporter to quiz.

Occupy phonic report of the United States, when the rumor flies all over the sky, the outside should get possibly understanding a of Jin Zhengen destiny important clue to 10 days of ability, at the appointed time fete of found a party of party of labor of Korea general congratulatory Korea.

Korea " head Er news " say 9 days, 10 days of time that may appear the first times are in Jin Zhengen before dawn time. Mixed 2012 on October 10, 2013 before dawn, jin Zhengen ever led high level of party card army to head for palace of samite hill sun. Source of one faceless news weighs Reuter quote, injury of Jin Zhengen leg needs to rest 100 days or so, but he still the palm is controlling top authority.

Relevant: Gold and or already replaced in power of elder brother Jin Zhengen

Jin Zhengen exposing to the sun still the palm is accusing injury of leg of top authority doubt to did not arrive sun palace is paid homage to

Korea TV station broadcasts the newsreel of leader Jin Zhengen, piece in admit Jin Zhengen body has first ailment.

Korea is in external respect near future shows state of diplomatic break out of an encirclement, russia " the viewpoint signs up for " such 8 days of look upon Korea are latter external movement. Assume office the best spokesman that the Li Zhuyong of photograph of Korea foreign affairs of malcontent half an year becomes this one state. Since will assume office this year in April, he visited middle east, Africa and southeast Asia country early or late. By Septemb

er, he leads a group to went to the United States to attend a the United Nations General Assembly. The Li Zhuyong of the travel that ends new York will fly to Moscow on October 1, begin the visit that has by a definite date 10 days to Russia.

Network of news of American cable television says 9 days, wait for a problem to the Jin Zhengen track that the world cares, day of Li Dong of alternate of Korea permanent U.N. rejects to respond to a reporter to quiz, he emphasizes exceeding 40 kinds to the severe sanction of Korea only, other country institute is done not have. He appeals the outside considers more, it is under so severe sanction, it is how difficult that Korea wants to drive peaceful environment.

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Jin Zhengen 2014-10-09 to plan to turn over Jin Zhengen in order to make human blame to turn over World Court to interrogate (graph) Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2014-10-09 news recreation

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Beautiful Jiaduode puts cruel assault people on the ice by force to be forced by the night spends christmas day... [阅读全文] 栏目:东莞哪里还有QT

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