How times deep-set run a school for the good friend ” give the green light ” scandal, opposition demand congress is chased after duty

CCTV news client is carried on June 18 message, japanese premier is installed times deep-set ” run a school ” scandal, during partial Japan opposition asks to close a meeting in congress regular meeting to sit a meeting, find out governmental responsibility.

According to the report, in ” add plan lyceum ” after the findings of the data is made public related incident, the opposition such as Democratic Progressive Party points out, the suspicion that relevant person waits for is bigger and bigger, because this is necessary,undertake checking to findings. During opposition asks congress budget committee closes a meeting in congress regular meeting to sit a meeting. Opposition still asks deputy magisterial Qu gives birth to subpoena official room the person such as Tianguangy

i is in congress attest, continue to investigate the duty of governmental respect with this.

Hold the political party says to will explain the circumstance does not accept opposition to ask

To this, hold political respect expresses, will define concerned circumstance in order to prove ” add plan lyceum ” the relevant procedures that establishs vet department newly is nonexistent violate compasses act, will obtain national understanding with this. Wait for the holds budget committee meeting requirement that raise about Democratic Progressive Party, hold political respect points out, up to now congress controversy already undertook discussion adequately to all problems, because this shows,level won’t accept this one demand.

The good friend is obtained batch open veterinary medicine courtyard to bring times influence be bringinged to bear on by doubt

According to Japanese media coverage, japanese government already had 50 to establish veterinary medicine courtyard newly without approval for years. And this year in January, those who bring start of times good frien

d add plan lyceum obtains batch of free to use land to set veterinary medicine courtyard newly however, can obtain highest amount to 9.6 billion yen (about 590 million RMB) construction is accessorial. Science of Japanese language department saves the findings report middle finger that announces in 15 days to go out, add plan appeared in the relevant file of lyceum ” the opinion of premier ” , ” the sound that comes from official mansions the superlative degree to fasten ” wait for content.

16 days, installed times cabinet to deny the findings report that language department science omits however, how be the times argue when oneself are accepting congress ask for an explanation weighs him and in this one incident bring to bear on with the identity of premier influence, but opposition raises doubt to bringing the view of times.

(primary problem is ” how times deep-set run a school for the good friend ” give the green light ” to sit a meeting of congress of scandal opposition demand is chased after duty ” )


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