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Drunk wine of Cao of a sea answers Japanese maritime militia sea of naval vessel dropping dies... [阅读全文] 栏目:飞机夜广州论坛首页


Net of official of bureau of Wu of law of Japanese whole nation inbreaks illegally by individual information or meet with leak... [阅读全文] 栏目:东莞市夜生活搬到哪里了


Company of the couplet that occupy Han on May 28 message, an Daxi of old judge of the Korea before Korea president Piao Jinhui announces 22 days is premier candidate. An Daxi holds a press conference 28 days to announce, abandon nomination person competence.

An Daxi expressed on the press conference that day, "My itself is put in a lot of inadequacy, continue to hold the position of premier nomination person to

be able to become the burden that currently holds the post ofa government not only, the family that still meets me and the person that believe to support me take a responsibility " .

"Again to cogitative hind nomination I express deep regret for the president of state prime minister " , he returns say.

Old judge of old court of An Daxi Ceng Ren, head Er ransacks in the center of hall of chief procurator of hall of advanced procuratorial work, great procuratorial work the post such as ministry minister, an at

torney office was opened in July 2013 after leave off one's post, end 2013 end in all income 1.6 billion Han Yuan (add up to a RMB about 9.74 million yuan of) . To this, korea home was lifted around its income problem " the official before courteous reception " controversy.

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In report will occupy new network on October 7 Afp report, message of Korea department of defense says, korea and Korea coastguard cutter are in maritime happen near o

pen to question northward borderline fight. Korea prevents a ministry to say, korea ship crosses northward boundary line.

Face Han fights time happens local time in the morning 9:50, be located in near island of Korea Yan Ping. Spokesman of Korea department of defense say

s, fight and did not cause casualties, coastguard cutter of Han direction Korea firings strick back.

Bright peninsula of face Han hold office at court western the border of maritime space differentiates go up to be put in difference all the time. Korea is in on the west the sea 5 islands and Korea western one-sided delimit is northward between the coast borderline, but Korea does not grant to admit.

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According to report of Xinhua News Agency plane of a Qatar is in 6 days Mi Su of Libyan opposition pilot pulls tower airport to make " brief halt stays " , a batch of weapon hind leave debus quickly. This is the first when the outside is informed since Libyan war start shooting is send military supplies and descen

d Libyan foreign plane. In addition, libyan opposition arms a few commanders say 6 days, they are occupational already in the Li Bo of the capital with south the Biergainaimu of 80 kilometers is pressed down, be about to seize lay mines of next oil town of military importance to add harbor at the same time.

Uninstall a weapon

Previous, french plane ever gave benefit opposition airdrop goods and materials, but descend without the plane according to the letter opposition controls an area.

Mi Su pulls tower airport

an official tells Reuter 6 days the reporter for the condition with underground identity: "After plane of a Qatar uninstalls the lorry of ammo of 6 replete weapons leave quickly. "After plane of a Qatar uninstalls the lorry of ammo of 6 replete weapons leave quickly..

Another airport official showed the picture that a piece of plane takes off to Reuter reporter, in the picture, plane bottom is clear Yin Youying article " Qatar " model of written characters.

Misulada is apart from the 200 kilometers in the Li Bo of Libyan capital, opposition is appetent by this battlefront is advanced to the capital. At present war is centered in the Cilitan between two cities, opposition thinks Cilitan's position to attack the gate of the capital truly. Latter nevertheless, opposition war is adverse, take Cilitan to control right hard tardy. Opposition complains to country of a few wests, lacking equipment is the mainest obstacle that contends for Cilitan.

Force to the capital

Commander of a few opposition confirms to Afp reporter, opposition arms occupational already Biergainaimu is pressed down, captive a few support are Libyan leader armed personnel of Muamaierkazafei.

Armed personnel belongs to the major opposition that participates in this action " the battalion in Li Bo " . Origin of this branch group is mixed from the capital a few otherer the volunteer composition of haven city, ever in the Nai Fu Saishan of capital southwest area terrain accepts training. In the Li Bo that area north is located in Nai Fu Saishan with south about 70 kilometers.

Press the view of Afp, this news agency accredits Libyan reporter to still cannot confirm the view of opposition, but he is advancing north by the car with hundreds opposition armed personnel, the governmental military vehicle that discovers many burn caustic on the road around is pressed down in Biergainaimu, soldiers of noncommissioned officer of a few governments dies inside the car.

Oath seizes town of military importance

Libyan opposition the middle ten days of a month will allege in July occupational lay mines of the eastpart part adds harbor, but after this with what control here formerly governmental army launchs seesaw battle, heretofore did not control this oil town of military importance completely.

Opposition spokesman Mohammed plunges into made of baked clay dimension 6 days to say, opposition arms initiate new round of offensive, but war progress is slow, because lay mines of preexistence of governmental military affairs is added,bury set a lot of landmine.

He says, opposition armed personnel already occupied tucker thunder to add a residential area, will seize this next port surely. (Capital times)

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Login register Russia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian one girl is eaten off to call a mother by bear: Mom, is bear eating my origin: ? Hold  hub?2011-08-19 11:55 Http://www.mnw.cn/

Ao Erjia (right) and add year of division husband

A heartstricken mother is in Russia the daughter that she hears in the phone is mixed animatedly by brown bear of a mother 3 Little Bear were eaten off. This tragedy happening is in Siberia area, was announced by media a few days ago.

The girl that is bitten dead by bear is called · of abstruse Er beautiful Masikayaowa, this year 19 years old, in be as long as inside the time of a hour, she calls her maternal Dadiyana 3 times, the spot " direct seeding " the whole process that oneself are eaten off by bear.

The first phone:

"Mom, have a bear eating me! Have a bear eating me!!

The first her phone is to mom ask for help, in the phone, she says to mom: "Mom, have a bear eating me! Mom, I very ache! Mom, save me! Save me!!

Dadiyana says, oneself think the daughter is joking at first, but the yelp that she heard what Ao Erjia gives out to rip a heart to crack lung later, the masticatory reputation that still has the growl that Xiong Fa gives and terrorize, her within an inch of faints at that time.

Ao Erjia and · of Er of stepfather Yi dagger add year of division husband to collect the fishing rod below gleaning toward river side, expect encounter brown bear, brown bear spank is patted broke the top of the skull that adds year of division husband, return twist off his neck. Witnessed the Ao Erjia of all these to escape rapidly, but did not succeed, brown bear captured her leg. Brown bear was not eager to killing her, dallying with oneself prey however. Taking the advantage of this sky to become, she dialed the telephone of own mother.

Dadiyana does not know his husband had died, dial the telephone that adds year of division husband rapidly, result nature is to hit be illogical.

Then Dadiyana can call the police only, before informing the relatives and friends around, go to search.

The 2nd phone:

"Mom, brown bear was taking 3 Little B

ear to come back! Brown bear was taking 3 Little Bear to come back!!

At this moment Ao Erjia made the 2nd telephone call, if the Ao Erjia of hairspring says to Dadiyana,had enraged: "Mom, that Xiong You came back, it still brought 3 its children. They are in... ate me. " phone immediately hang up, heart bit by bit of Dadiyana sinks downward...

The 3rd phone:

"Mom, I had not ached! I had not ached!!

Be atttacked in Ao Erjia by brown bear full after a hour, she made the last telephone call to Dadiyana again. Brown bear had left apparently beside Ao Erjia, their play knife and fork, be perfectly satisfied. The Ao Erjia in the phone knows he is accepting the call of Azrael. She says to Dadiyana: "Mom, bear won't harm me again, I had not ached. Excuse all mistakes that I made in the past, I love you very much. " the phone breaks a string at this point, this is Ao Erjia stays on this world last times to call.


6 hunters hunt kills 4 brown bear

After half hour, the little brother that adds year of division husband and police found them together, when they reach the spot, mother Xiong Hai is devouring th

e remains that adds year of division husband, they discover, ao Erjia also had died.

6 hunters by urgent send toward this area, their immediately hunt killed 3 this mother brown bear and its young young animal.

The closest Russia produced a series of bear to assault the person's incident, what suffer the mankind as a result of the habitat is occupational, hungry bear cannot discover food, classics regular meeting atttacks the mankind.

The Dadiyana that lost the husband and daughter at the same time says, ao Erjia's life just just begins, she has a boundless future, still have the male friendly Sijiepan with a very good feeling.

"My daughter is a so interesting person, " Dadiyana says, "She is so optimistic, friendly, enthusiastic. She graduates from musicology courtyard, be in those who encounter ursine attack a few days ago, she just obtained a driver's license. She just obtained a driver's license..

Ao Erjia and add year of division husband 17 days bury. (Pan Wenjun)

Responsibility edits: Read related Hdwmn_rsj: Central observatory weather forecast: South greets another name for Hubei province of Guizhou of stronger rainfall change to have arrive greatly total fleet of Fujian of rainstorm 2017-09-18 armed police: Arrive again parting when, strong and handsome fitness surpasses the barback 2017-09-18 Fuzhou that cannot forget all one's life publicly to ring down the curtain satisfactorily many 200 athlete takes part in the match Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2017-09-18 news recreation

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Ka Zafei second child denounce showing a body is arrested hearsay says to still control a capital... [阅读全文] 栏目:上海黑玫瑰


America leopard cat is holding a shark to pull a surface to be stupefied attendant masses (graph)... [阅读全文] 栏目:武汉夜网prower


Sinuodeng: Canada acquiesces in the United States to monitor G8G20 peak was met 2010... [阅读全文] 栏目:上海验证徐汇白妃

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