German train barge against sends 11 people to die 20 people do not have Chinese citizen in serious injury casualty

German police says 11 days, because a person

that hurt again is not treated,die, 9 days are in Germany deadly number rises the accident of train barge against that southern small town produces near spirit of cloth of Bart moxa to 11 people, additionally 82 people get hurt, injure 20 people again among them.

The news that police announces shows, victim age interpose comes 59 years old at 24 years old between, the identity already all was affirmed. The reporter is stationed in Munich consulate general to be in know from China, chinese citizen all is not had in the casualty.

Introduce according to local police spokesman, spot hitting a car clears working progress is slow, bring life risk likely to spot work staff. Show level, the 3rd black box still was not found, investigation personnel is undertaking in black to the 2nd box data is analysed. Analyse breakdown of technology of the experience before the result did not show two cars barge against to the data of the first black box before. But the member that still cannot eliminate routine dispatching thoroughly at the moment errs or have malfeasant.

Have German media coverage before, train barge against fastens factitious error to cause, this one view confirms without what get police or investigate personnel up to now. Investigation personnel expresses, had constituted the cause of accident of special investigation panel survey of a 50 people, final result still needs to count week of time.

9 days of early morning, two passenger train are near spirit of cloth of Bart moxa directly barge against. About 150 passengers are shared on the ca

r when the accident. The driver of two trains and car attendant die in the accident.


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