American the eastpart part encounters complete beauty of blizzard heavy rain to even more 1000 airliners cancel

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According to American media coverage,

area of American the eastpart part is greeted 15 days local time again after experiencing the Valentine’s Day that exceeds low air temperature blizzard, bring about even more 1000 airliners cancel.

The report says, the Valentine’s Day in the past in on the weekend, beautiful east much ground experienced the hundred years low temperature that encounters hard. And although 15 days of temperature pick up somewhat, but blizzard add fierce wind to also make many connecting diligent a group of things with common features suffering can’ts bear character. From guest city western to north of new england area partial area will be greeted most 1 foot snowfall. Sleet and frozen also make

road more wet slippery difficult travel, arrive from Georgia Maine, started winter storm and sleet early-warning afternoon that day.

Washington airport, a plane accepts deice. (picture origin: Associated press)

It is reported, up to 15 days beautiful afternoon east time 2:30, nearly 4000 airliners because weather reason or be incur loss through delay or it is to cancel. Washington International Airport and button tile overcome airport be the first to be affected, the effect is most serious, near 1000 times the airliner is cancelled or incur loss through delay.

Atmosphere forecasts an expert to point out, this heavy snow is not met pass through the territory of a country is too long, predict to begin to turn 15 days night local time for heavy rain, air temperature will pick up subsequently. This to the United States east also calculate for the person going up is good news, in the Valentine’s Day in the past, the many beauty such as Bostonian, new York east the city is greeted history the coldest Valentine’s Day that encounters hard about a hundred years.

Bostonian air temperature is low to 0 9 degree Fahrenheit (below 12 degrees of about 0) , last such microtherm weather even restrospect to 1957 on January 15. And the air temperature of the park is low also in the center of Newyork city to 0 1 degree Fahrenheit (below 17 degrees of about 0) , it is the lowest that comes 22 years lukewarm.

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