Korea releases railroad network compose to build plan to plan to shorten further a travel time

In report will occupy new network on Feburary 6 Han intermediary report, korea land the Ministry of Communication (call land the ministry below) released recently ” compose of network of 2016-2025 state railway proposes plan ” . According to the plan, korea government will enlarge speed per hour the laid of railroad of high speed of 300 kilometers above, the share is common railroad will rebuild the high speed railroad that amounts to 250 kilometers for speed per hour. The train sea fog that interval of railroad of all high speed develops devoted Korea independently (HEMU-250) .

To 2025, korea is main a travel time between the city will shorten to 3 hours the following, countrywide railroad runs interval to will be lengthened from the 3828 kilometers 2014 to 5517 kilometers, the population place of the city of railroad of enlightened high speed occupies scale to also will come from current 50% promotion 85% .

Korea government will drive Hunan route above all project of the

2nd phase (optical administrative division – Mu Pu) , the line of high speed railroad that will have and Ren Chuan, water former, discuss a government to join. Governmental general in the Jiang Yuan with railroad ageing serious phenomenon and railroad of high speed of laid of area of bank of mid inland, Nanhai, bring into afore-mentioned areas countrywide railroad inside life circle.

After afore-mentioned projects are finished, the place of roundtrip and main city needs time to will shorten considerably. From head Er to Jiang Yuan what Jiang Ling needs time to will shorten from to, boiler hill will shorten from to optical administrative division to.

To receive Olympic Winter Games of smooth 2018 prosperous, the compose of thing railroad network builds a project to also be being carried out according to the plan, finishing hind the Ren Chuan that is in from the International Airport needs 1 hour 50 minutes only to Jiang Ling.

Korea government still will open high speed railroad in whole capital area, at the appointed time from head the time that Er downtown encircles main city to the capital will be little at 30 minutes. Capital are

a vast region is fast railroad (GTX) will arrive in Ren Chuansong island Shou Erqing is cool in, one hill arrives an Er 3 into the station, discuss a government to wait for interval to debut to army riverside, the moving interval of one mountain line will lengthen the subway to well of slope city cloud.

The total investment of whole project predicts to will achieve 74.1 trillion Han yuan, defray of its China library 53.7 trillion Han Yuan, local defray 4 trillion Han Yuan, civilian financing 9.5 trillion Han Yuan.

But the analysis points out, korea economy is overall recently low fan, business investment apiration is inferior, should realize 9.5 trillion Han Yuan’s financing difficulty is greater. Express to ministry of this Korea land, achieve effort the budget of 90% above.


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