Australian premier announces to reorganization cabinet increases female and young member

Can of Xinhua News Agency is earthed up pull on Feburary 13 report Australian premier Maerkemuteen is Boer announce new ministerial list 13 days, increased female and young member.

This new ministerial member increases 22 by 21 original, among them 8 people are new appointment minister. 11 days just become new party of Australian country party the Banabiqiaoyisi of first will take up the post of Australian Vice Prime Minister to hold agricultural minister concurrently.

In new cabinet, the female is 6 people, add 1 person than previous term or session. New ministerial member will make a pledge to assume office to Australian governor at 18 days.

Special favour is Boer express on the press conference, new cabinet is a red-blooded group, this group is comprised by promising young person, seasoned elder and the fellow worker that have innovation enterprise, the future of dedicated Australia, encourage innovation and enterprising spirit.

Recently, australian commerce and Lu Luobu of heart of investment department Chang’an and W

oluntelasi of Vice Prime Minister announce to exit vote of a confederative parliament in succession, resi

gn relevant post. For this, special favour is Boer announce to change inter block cabinet, prepare for the confederative parliament election that will hold this year in September.

Australia holds confederative parliament election 3 every years, the political party that wins Boule majority seat or political alliance will be obtained hold political power.


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