Intermediary pays close attention to outside ” meal of the eve of the lunar New Year parts company ” incident: “Be matched for marriage ” bring heat to discuss

Log onto the intermediary outside registering text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to pay close attention to ” meal of the eve of the lunar New Year parts company ” incident: “Be matched for marriage ” bring heat to discuss origin: ? Comfort?2016-02-17 09:2 of cangue  ⑼Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel [summary] girl male friend already made a response, say social reality is such, change oneself hard only.

The media outside the condition say

s, accompany Jiangxi book male friend to answer a country to spend the New Year about Shanghai woman first, because of a dinner in intolerable male friendly home part company on the spot and the small gain that the same night returns Shanghai, ferment even recently on the net cause heat to discuss.

Singapore ” associated morning paper ” the website will report on Feburary 14, of hair post the girl that occupying a newspaper is Everyman home of a Shanghai, take a train with male friend before the Spring Festival, turn the car, native place that takes a tractor to return area of west hill of male friendly river.

What because the country compares him,the girl says to imagine is even 100 times poorer, especially the dinner that that desk country entertains a guest, let her rectified an individual to break down. She goes to Shanghai this locality forum appeals after spitting groove, part company with male friend immediately, the same night goes straight towards a Shanghai.

Although cannot confirm the authenticity of this incident, but according to having Chinese medium the report says, girl male friend already made a response, say social reality is such, change oneself hard only.

This incident causes intense discussion quickly between Chinese netizen; What although have a lot of Shanghai citizens and female power,maintain the choice of afore-mentioned Shanghai women, be well-matched in social and economic status is important, a lot of netizens also think, this matter touchs phoenix male marriage loves the element such as urban and rural difference, more the b

ehavior that points to her is capricious and inurbane, lack the basiccest to the man and its family esteem and understanding.

Female netizen of a Jiangxi is stuck civil say, the outside is put in more serious bias to the impression of Jiangxi, also lack the understanding of pair of Jiangxi youths and understanding.

Be aimed at this incident, the comment of people net says, meal of a the eve of the lunar New Year is troubled by go out part company disturbance, of report is urban and rural difference not just or the problem of estate solidify, however in the process that rural youth is realizing to flow up hard through oneself, how to go the problem of the social identity self-identity that new form builds him and human relations in society. The society is opened in the appeal flow up gate while, should promote the whole of each estate happiness and benefit more, the current situation that does not make farmer poverty, country destitute continues.

But also somebody understands say, normal, by what to let a girl have a rough time accordingly? Be matched for marriage! Be matched for marriage! Be matched for marriage! Important thing says 3 times!

Congratulate of Cui Qing of Fudan University graduate student says, the city holds congenital dominant position in development, city of outflow of rural natural resources and cannot pass on effectively, what cause should not be to distain, and should be think over and subsequently and the understanding that come, communication, research. This kind thinks over not to answer of person of city of mere bureau be confined to and rural person in interacting, ought to be the youth that enters a town from the country more the manner to home town.

Shanghai girl pats the dinner of home of Jiangxi male friend, say she saw whole person break down. The netizen points to famished look and ordinary common people the reunion meal in the home is similar. (Internet)

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