France 14 senatorial absence from duty first be punished reveals system flaw

French senate president pulls Er to wither to announced a few days ago, 14 senator because four quarters absent is overmuch last year and what be punished to buckle 2100 euro is subsidiary. This is the provision that from last year French senate will concern condemnatory absent on October 1 since become effective, senator is punished first buckle subsidiary punishment.

French senate is had to national parliament and governmental administration supervise and discuss action. Senatorial prolocutor is in president cannot when exercise powers and authorities of office powers and authorities of office of president of act on one’s behalf. Ho

wever, the rate of seat of honour when French senate attends a meeting is very gloomy, attendant senator is very few, become wide one of political circles severe illness that are bad-mouth.

To improve image, make senator attend, the resolution of a punishment that French senate will pass last year in May sets, senatorial what above of half of the absent inside a quarter votes formally or counterpoise wants a document is voting, or absent half above is special committee meeting, or the interlocution plenary meeting between senate of absent half above and government, what will be buckled every months to punish 710 euro is subsidiary. If absent is serious, every months highest can be punished to buckle 4400 euro. This regulation from will begin go into effect on October 1 in those days.

French media points out, fulfil of every monthly pay is as high as every senator 11416 euro. According to afore-mentioned regulations, if a senator never goes,senate goes to work, can get 7016 euro allowance every months all the same. If think firewood of the sum that get proposes a toast, work half the time can. People can’ts help wanting to ask: The where on in the world goes seeking such assignment, can the class of the half get sum pay on? In addition, senator is enjoying the allowance of a huge sum that taxpayer pays, need not make clear debt utility however. In recent years the corrupt case exposure as a few senator, french people sends dissatisfaction more.

The Xie Biao that pull Er is shown, punishment is not a purpose, the purpose depends on raising be out on duty to lead. He says, since punishing a regulation to carry out anew, situation of senatorial be out on duty takes a favourable turn somewhat, the four seasons spent the assemblyman of 87% to attend to vote formally last year, the assemblyman of 84% entered special committee job, the assemblyman of 75% participates in government and political affairs discuss politics.

Not come singly but in pairs, french countryman parliament also is put in similar condemnatory orders. But on have policy, there is the way to deal with a situation below, of a few assemblyman meeting way is: Autograph arrive, leave after a few minutes. Visible, the desire is good, but carry out rise be not easy thing.

This already was not senatorial first time takes condemnatory step. Be punished purely and cannot from go up at all solve a problem, attendance rate is low besides superintendency not do one’s best, still have the problem of system flaw. Vote senatorially according to France system, all members of the political organization that a senator can belong to for its vote, namely one person can is 10 vote to 100 people. To this, blame government organizes a citizen to pay close attention to chief to overcome Lisituofubutai to express, this votes the system hampered just and transparent. Senatorial Luoxiekal

uqi thinks, cancel senatorial organization to vote, execute an individual to vote, this one reform is imperative.

A lot of senator hold several duty concurrently personally, be too busy spare time from one’s main work to attend to sth else, also be the main reason of activity of their absent parliament. Although pull Er to wither to did not publish these 14 senatorial full names, but announce according to French media, 14 afore-mentioned senator that are punished include bulge of Lyons mayor division. Division grand body holds several duty concurrently, outside removing a mayor, still be French collect accept and Lyons area president of integrated transport company, extraordinary tension assures program hard really every week 3 days go to work to senate, accordingly he becomes one of 10 absent and most senator solid belong to but.

Basis law, french senator can choose be reappointed consecutively repeatedly, OK and lifelong make. Look in a few peoples, senate is the satirize of democratic system not only, still became the aristocratic beadhouse of be worthy of the name. Senate is in the where the wind and the waves are highest of public opinion at present. At the beginning of last year, a findings makes clear orgnaization of French IFOP public opinion poll, the French of 57% endorses senatorial reform, the French of 56% thinks senate is footy. (our newspaper Paris on Feburary 18 report)

(original title: French senator absence from duty reveals system flaw (deepness observes)


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