Vote of French countryman parliament begins the 2nd round to poll

Paris of Xinhua News Agency on June 18 vote of parliament of electric France countryman the 2nd round voting spread out 18 days in the round in French mainland. Many 1100 candidate that comes from many political parties contend 573 chairs in 577 national parliament chairs. The first-run election that holds in 11 days before this already gave additionally 4 seat in a legislature definitely.

Epicycle is voting local time

in the morning 8 when begin, the major polling booth in 60 thousand many polling booth will that day 18 when shut, and the polling booth of the big city such as Paris criterion will that day 20 when shut. French whole nation registers voter about 47 million. French part sea is abroad and provincial, feudal already polled ahead of schedule with the French that reside abroad.

To make sure this the election is held smoothly, french government assembled about 50 thousand polices, military police and soldier undertake security works.

Be in first-run and voting in, the associated a group of people of same interest that the republican advancement party that dragon of French president mark is in and movement of democracy of France of middle-of-the-roader political party comprise is obtained get the better of greatly. Data of French Home Office shows, the associated a group of people of same interest that mark dragon is in is in first-run and voting so medium that bill rate is as high as 32.32% , far tower above is other and clannish.

Orgnaization of many civilian attune forecasts France, the associated a group of people of same interest that mark dragon is in is possible obtain finally in this election 400 to chair of 450 countrymans parliament.

France executes national parliament and senate bicameral. It is in 577 electorates of countrywide, every electorate produces assemblyman of parliament of a countryman, by this electorate constituency direct ballot, lieutenancy 5 years. Candidate is in first-run vote of above of half the number is won in polling, and vote achieves place electorate to register constituency to count at least 25% can be elected directly. The electorate that accords with this one circumstance without candidate will be held the 2nd round voting. Obtain in the first round of election exceed the candidate that the 12.5% constituency that register support this electorate to will enter an election the 2nd round, get a bill among them highest person be elected for assemblyman.

In the presidential election that will end in May, the view spans the ong

oing motion of right-and-left cent (namely predecessor of republican advancement party) candidate mark dragon is elected as a president. To mark dragon character, should sit firm president throne, win election of current countryman parliament crucial. Vote of French countryman parliament is having presidential vote the 3rd round say, will decide parliamentary majority clique is attributive, those who affect French government tomorrow 5 years is actual be in office direction. (Reporter Han Bing should strong)


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