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更新时间:2022年01月18日 17:11

上海龙凤419论坛Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian do one carry 100 much people to aerate does the boat care about maritime space to sink to have 40 people about dead origin: ? ?2015-05-05 19:4 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Data chart: The intermediary outside occupying will report on April 19, italian coast posse says, an emigrant boat capsizes in mediterranean. Spokesman of Italian coast posse says, emigrant boat produces the place that capsize to belong to Libyan water area, be apart from coast of island of Italian La Peidu Sa to make an ap

pointment with 210 kilometers.

In report will occupy new network on May 5 report of dispatches from foreign news agency, if the government organizes survival of 5 days of cite, a blame says, hold 100 much people aerate the boat adds coastal waters region to sink in Italy, cause about 40 emigrant death.

Save help the child (the Beineidetuo that Save The Children) organizes (Giovanna Di Benedetto) says, survival tells them, this hold 137 people aerate the boat happened disappointing perhaps explode, bring about a few people to fall into water. A few people say rife person dies, return somebody to say about 40 people die.

According to the report, as a result of middle east area random bureau lasts, increasing refugee embarks steal ferry to head for European country, in order to flee chaos caused by war and poverty.

Italy is the main destination that middle east and Africa emigrate illegally all the time, or the change trains ground that heads for European mainland. According to statistic, at least mediterranean of crossing of adventure of 218 thousand person went to meaning south last year, make an appointment with 3500 people to die in crossing a process secretly among them.

Before this, local time on April 19, boat of an illegal immigrant happens in Mediterranean Libyan maritime space capsize, cau

se death of at least 800 people, become the heavy boat tragedy with the most serious in recent years casualties.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


 Two sisters India enrages ball journey to encounter fresh gale to descend by heat in the jail (graph)

 Log onto official of carry out a death sentence of exposure of picture of the be tortured be tortured before registering Sa of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to amount to Mu to die to say its are sent absolutely refuse to to take soft origin: ? Qu Xian?2013-12-31 09:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Official of carry out a death sentence recollects last hour of Saddam

Aplomb of the expression before dying, be without regret meaning; to see scaffold, saddam says: "This prepares for the man "

Guard is covered to Saddam on gallows tool (data chart)

The net austral Fujian on December 31 dispatch on December 30, 2006, saddam Housaiyin of the president before Iraq is in with gallows. 7 years are lain between when, official of carry out a death sentence is recollected, aplomb of the expression before Sa amounts to Mu on one's deathbed, be without regret meaning.

Bush sets upright big toe assist to put to death

Advisory Muwafake Lubayi is in charge of security of the state before Iraq at that time carry out a death sentence. 27 days of his v/arc be on the throne accept Afp to interview at the office of Iraqi capital Bagdad, tell about last hour of Saddam.

Lu Bayi says, video

of presidential cloth assorted allows to communicate when Iraqi premier Maliji and United States, if where buy Sa amounts to Mu,discuss. Bush asks: "If why your plan deals with this convict? " Maliji replies: "Our meeting hang by the neck he. " the thumb since cloth assorted vertical stroke, indicate approval.

Saddam refuses to obey to death soft

Lu Bayi says, when carry out a death sentence, saddam wears a coat and white shirt, expression " natural, loosen, do not look to give any fear " .

"Of course, a few people want to let me say, his paralysis falls or was injected medicaments... but if I did not hear he says any confess, did not hear he asks forgiveness. Did not hear he asks forgiveness..

Before carry out a death sentence, the judge amounts to Mu read out to Sa his accusation, saddam is saying repeatedly " Ko the United States, Israel and Iran, palestine banzai " .

Enter room of carry out a death sentence, saddam sees scaffold, say to Lubayi: "This prepares for the man. " as a result of Saddam double leg is bound, lu Bayi and personnel of other carry out a death sentence pull him on scaffold. Sa of scoff at of a few present staff amounts to Mu, shout the assorted leaf that puts to death by Saddam to send the full name of cacique. Saddam says to them: "Are you also a man? "Are you also a man??

Pull twice use gallows switch

Execute always arrived, lu Bayi is pulled use switch, but gallows does not have reaction. Another person is pulled again use switch, saddam is hanginged.

"(when Saddam is executed) I have a kind of very strange feeling, never pass before. That house was full of death. " Lubayi says.

After carry out a death sentence, saddam's body is installed bag of a white, put on litter, transfer Maliji's official mansions by helicopter of an U.S. Army. Lu Bayi is recollected, the person on helicopter is very much, body ground. Because litter is too long, engine room door cannot be shut, leaving all the time in flight route. The helicopter of the body is in locomotive Saddam Bagdad in the sky when the flight, "I remember clearly, the sun begins to rise. " Lubayi says.

In premier official mansions, ma Liji and Lu Bayi handclasp, open body bag, examine Saddam's body.

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Read related: Iraq discovers doubt of grave of 900 people collective slaughters by Saddam Iraqi man hides 1 meter of cellar 22 years to escape Sa amounts to Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of recreation of your news of Mu capital punishment

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

Tan Liya of round-the-world network reporter reports, wild Tian Ji

ayan of Japanese financial secretary will be in Japan on August 29 numerous ginseng of the Democratic Party two courtyards are elected be a the Democratic Party to represent on total meeting, will hold the position of Japanese new prime minister the most quickly at will replacing Jian Zhi's person tomorrow. News agency of American Peng rich advocates an analysis from the economy of wild Tian Jiayan, the taxation of the Japan after thinking wild Tian Jiayan appears on the stage will rise further.

The comment will weigh Peng rich company on August 29, of wild Tian Jiayan get the better of the taxation that chooses adumbrative Japan to will rise further, he once was advocated the job rebuilds to pay after raising levy help to be Japanese shake. Besides should answer Japan successive besides the economy that 3 quarters ebb, the another big challenge that wild Tian Jiayan faces is to rebuild the people support to the the Democratic Party force.

"In all candidate, open field is most advocate a when raise revenue, so his victory will aggravate outside accelerates those who undertake finance is reformed to anticipate to Japan. " negotiable securities of Tokyo wild village is senior political

analyst plain Qi be good at one (Kenichi Kawasaki) say. He returns complement to say: "This will be formed to bond market encourage. "This will be formed to bond market encourage..

Responsibility edits: Hdwmn_ctt

 Ma Hang is newest statement: Did not obtain any information with respect to airliner whereabouts at present

 Pat mew to play a god to pass through oneself steal camera " the bird is photographed " the world



According to the United States " He Fen pauses Post " reported on January 11, the United States made love

to fall unfortunately on t
he tree to adventurous sweethearts, for this this pays hematic price to sweethearts and be sent into the hospital.

It is reported, eric (Erik) is in with Salina (the excurse of Salina) breaks out crank to put forward to make love to the tree in appointment, although Salina is fed up with but she still agreed. When they make love, eric feels suddenly to there is a thing to be in on the tree peristalsis, he thinks is a snake, nervous helper glance body begins to tilt, even if has tried to hug a tree with the foot in order to save oneself, but he still was dropped finally, not only ham by cut, and genital also sufferred an injury.

Final, this must walk into a hospital to sweethearts, the adventure that is them pays hematic price. It is reported, they still adapt this paragraph of their experience a paragraph of video, for its entitle " the sexual love that sends me to enter urgent disease room " .

According to " the sound of Russia " cite India media will report broadcast broadcasting station on May 17, lead in its with respect to the Indian premier Manmohan Xinge of cabinet of in control of since 2004 " Indian country great party " after election of the courtyard below India fails, pulled Mu Keji of accept cloth · to submit resignation to Indian president general at 17 days. He chaired meeting of the last cabinet before this.

The report says, xin Ge of 81 years old has announced before, how can no matter enter into an election co

ntest,he leave his post as a result. 16 days of main opposition that he calls triumph -- candidate of prime minister of Indian people party, Gujilate of 63 years old state is presiding ministerial Nalundela Modi, the political party that congratulates he and him gains a victory. Estimation, mo Di will make a
pledge to assume office on May 21. He should be in before this new people party leader is elected in held parliament.

 Jin Jingji of Jin Zhengen's aunt appears once more TV husband Zhang Chengze is executed

 上海龙凤419论坛Service of provide for the ag

ed of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, sho

w fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken


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