Pakistan Kui is amounted to produce suicidal type explosion to assault casualty of at least 28 people

Beijing of China News Service report is Mohammedan on June 23 fort message: Road of Pakistan southwest ministry ining order to raises province metropolis Kui to amount to 23 days to produce suicidal type explosion to make a surprise attack, commit the crime ” the person is played ” constabulary chief inspector is amounted to in Kui bomb is detonated near the office, cause death of at least 12 people, 16 people are injured.

According to ining order to the road raises bulletin of province government spokesman, explosion happens local time 23 days in the morning, cri

minal wants to drive had entered cordon to launch assault to office of constabulary chief inspector, the result detonated the bomb on the ca

r when intercept of police be been on duty. Encounter an area to fasten Kui to amount to downtown, eliminate office of constabulary chief inspector, still include orgnaization of much homemaking government office and a female officer.

The word of chief of hospital of place of cite of Pakistan GEO TV station says, at present at least 5 polices die in explosion, 9 polices are injured. After the event is all the remains of the member that the wounded along with treats a person handling a delicate matter is sent toward the hospital. Because the condition of an injury of many the wounded is serious, casualty number may rise further.

The picture that GEO TV station broadcasts shows, the bomb power that charger detonates is vast, the spot counts a car to be damaged badly, explosive relic is completely on the street. Local dweller says to media, when explosive happening all round many architectural glass is broken by shake, almost whole town heard detonation.

Still announce to be in charge of to assaulting incident without organization or individual at present. Preliminary findings report says authorities of cite of Pakistan SAMAA TV station, commit the crime ” the person is played ” age interpose comes 20 years old at 18 years old between, placed many kilograms of 100 dynamite inside the car at least at that time.

Because section of Moslem resume a meat diet is coming, pakistan authorities already was amounted to in Kui recently increase security strength, beware produce assault event. Road of cite of GEO TV station ining order to raises the word that visits Home Office official to say, because Kui amounts to rigor of whole town security, charger just lays the target police.

Regard Pakistan area as the biggest province, road ining order to raises province and Afghanistan and Iranian border on, class of Afghan tower benefit, ” Mohammedan country ” wait for an extreme the organization is very active in place. Last year in October, 3 terrorist wear vest of suicidal type bomb, carry emmagee and grenade to amount to a police to groom to Kui the institute launchs assault, cause death of at least 59 people, 117 people are injured. (Be over)


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