Kangjing of Korea minister of foreign affairs and: Hanmei concerns to be in roundabout to go up federally

In report will occupy new network on June 26 Han intermediary report, associated division U.S. Army expresses Kangjing of official of Korea Foreign Minister and the Hanmei that the visit is located in path thing capital city and its environs to discuss governmental city 25 days morning

when the 2nd division, hanmei is in roundabout to go up federally.

According to the report, when expressing sympathy and solicitude for place officerses and men that day, Kang Jinghe says: Although Han Meizheng faces grim challenge, but to the best of my belief, two countries can overcome difficulty. Carry the Han Meitong alliance like impregnable fortress and associated defence state, can achieve common goal.

It is reported, head of Han beautiful two countries will come 29 days 30 days to hold head talk in Washington this month, visit U.S. Army troop Kan

gjing and this, aim to emphasize Hanmei’s affined importance.


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