It is the biggest that British parliament suffers a network to assault flower intermediary to point to Russia ” suspect “

[Li Wenjuan of reporter of exercitation of round-the-world network coverage] England ” defend a newspaper ” the report will say on June 25, russia government is suspected of undertaking to British parliament the network is atttacked, breach the email account of a lot of assemblyman and person of the same trade.

According to the report, system of British parliament IT will be atttacked on June 24 by the network, the email password of weakness of hacker purpose breach, a month, this country is wholesome the interference that the branch ever was blackmailed virus.

The report says, although investigation still lies primary level, the possibility that acknowledges charger dignity is not large also, but Muscovite respect is considered as ” likely suspect ” .

According to the report, those who suffer attack include Sha of premier spy thunder? Plum and its cabinet minister inside the network of each assemblyman. British safety orgnaization believes the responsibility that atttacks this may be a country more, and rather than one subgroup is individual hacker. According to the report, one safe personage says: “This is pretty force attack, and support by a country very much apparently. It is very difficult that the property that the network atttacks is meant an an incident ascribe a certain specific person. It is very difficult that the property that the network atttacks is meant an an incident ascribe a certain specific person..

” defend a newspaper ” the British congressman of contact says, after atttacking incident happening,

foreign government is suspected instantly, for example Russia and Korea, ever was

tried to undertake the hacker is atttacked by accusation before two countries.

The report says, may, russia is inbreaked to concern by the computer system during suspicion and French general election, extracted Aimaniuaier? The data that mark dragon enters into an election contest and its fair at numerous.

According to the report, american official ever showed before this, they plan to share 2016 the experience of presidential election. Report, during general election, american information orgnaization concludes, russia eavesdrop and the communication that divulge a the Democratic Party, dispersed false news, is the purpose Rangtangnade? Telangpu is elected.

Occupy the United States additionally ” Washington Post ” 25 days of reports, european country is in all sorts of bold strategy mix deploy tool, with ” disclose Russia to try to shake constituency and the purpose that weaken Europe to unite ” . The report says, counterespionage official of Europe, Moses, researcher and journalist devote oneself to the false information that antagonism Russia takes a walk a few years, the hacker inbreaks and control. Besides the action that discloses Russia, european country still takes action suppress these behavior.

United States of interpose of American home concerned Russia the sound of general election is ceaseless all the time 2016, but Russia respect gives to this deny. General Beijing is in this month annual ” connect a line with direct seeding of general Beijing president ” the activity refuted again in the line repeatedly about censure, he says: “The United States uses blame government to organize fund, be engaged in propaganda, won’t this affect our thought? is this intentional interference when we enter into an election contest poll? ” general Beijing says: “We if (to the foreign country) have an opinion, can open expression comes out, and the underground that won’t use a secret acts. And the underground that won’t use a secret acts..


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