Already transferred to answer England to take off company of Home Ouaierlanduo and bank to Dublin

[Li Wenju

an of reporter of exercitation of round-the-world network coverage] according to England ” defend a newspaper ” will report on June 29, irish authorities shows, retreat the preparation of Europe as England, the bank that they had been located in London with ten headquarters and financial orgnaization come to an agreement to come their business move Dublin.

The report points out, contend for England to take off Europe continuously in Dublin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Paris ” booty ” when, irish industry grows the international finance of the bureau to serve a director to say, these companies had been in a certain place of Ireland to make final decision.

Irish invest

ment develops industry of banking of bureau whole world to be in charge of much Nuo to say suddenly, from 2016 fair since casting, bureau of Irish industry development already had 80 multinomial investigation. He says: “Include bank of a few United States inside ten banks had decided to be transferred to Dublin. Although company of wh some of which is furtive in had chosen Dublin, but they won’t be announced external, finish central bank of the superintendency branch with England, Ireland, Europe and United States to superintend the discussion of authorities till them. Considering the dimensions of these companies, this is very sensitive issue ” . He still discloses among them a company is transferring 1000 employee Dublin.

The report says, the United States Magendatong the office building that the bank bought sex of mark of a ground in Irish capital, arose to urge action tremendously to the development of this city. This bank already had 500 stuff in Dublin and this amount still can turn over times in future. Beauty forest bank also weighs the United States that has begun professional work in Dublin can continue in this city outspread. Before director of Europe of Gao Cheng company also affirms what take off Europe in England, about a hundred staff of this company can begin to be transferred to Dublin.

Much Nuo still points out suddenly, be in astonishing fair after casting a result to announce one year, large quantities of people that once felt England is unlikely to realize Europe had left London. He says: “This is a of financial service line of business sensitive incident, they are not to think the fundamental construction ten years to stay in England so really, leaving is the harm of pair of business and cost to them. I think London won’t disappear, it is this industry only can develop to a more dispersive mode. From say substantially, there are 3 to will enlarge dimensions in 4 centers of European, but can not let London become footy. But can not let London become footy..

Recently, professional orgnaization says, england takes off Europe or create post of 10 thousand many banks from London prediction of a person’s luck in a given year. To it before 100 thousand post that forecast differs very far.


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